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Blizzard Sued Over World of Warcraft Fonts

Blizzard Sued Over World of Warcraft Fonts

In what can only be termed "incredibly ironic" due to the way China and Chinese firms are usually portrayed with regards to intellectual property (IP), a Chinese firm has sued Blizzard over alleged use of its fonts in World of Warcraft.
Founder Electronics is asking for compensation of 100 million yuan for the alleged infringement - the largest amount claimed by a Chinese company in a copyright case.

It alleges its fonts were illegally used in Blizzard's popular online game World of Warcraft.
Founder Electronics is one of China's oldest computer companies, and is a major developer of Chinese fonts.  Meanwhile, Chinese players account for approximately 40% of WoW players.  Since joining the WTO in 2001, Chinese firms have been much more concerned about their IP rights, but many would say the street only goes one way.
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I hate to say it but patent and copyright infringement is a way of life in many Asian tech sectors. OK, throw the daggars at me now but it's reality and everyone knows it. This is just an example of one company trying to protect their IP (for a change) but you can believe many things have been reverse-engineered or copied before over there. Blizzard will most likely settle...

I recall a time when Ziff Davis PC World China ripped off a article in its entirety, pics and all. They even had our logo in there. They pulled it once I threatened to sue their US-based parent company. It was lots of fun.

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