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BenQ Announces 12 New V Series LCD Monitors: Sleek And Sexy

BenQ Announces 12 New V Series LCD Monitors: Sleek And Sexy

BenQ has certainly made an impact in the LCD industry, and while it has been some time since we viewed a unique new entrant from the company, along comes this to really change things up. The company has seemingly been hoarding up its monitors in preparation for a single major release, as they have just introduced a dozen new V Series models that focus on slimness and energy efficiency.

 The range includes 18.5" models (V920/V920P), 21.5" models (V2220/V2220P/V2220H/V2220HP), a 23" model (V2320) and two 24" models (V2420/V2420H). This whole bunch is extremely thin and stylish, and they all feature DVI/VGA ports while HDMI 1.3 and headphone jacks are available on the "H" versions. The 18.5”W, 21.5”W, and 24”W models will debut February and March in Taiwan, followed by the 23”W in June.  All models will then be available worldwide, with pricing to be announced at a later time.

BenQ Expands LED Display Lineup with 12 New V Series Models that Lead Competition in Slimness, DCR, Energy Efficiency

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, February 5, 2010 – BenQ, the world’s leading LED monitor brand, continues to expand their LED offering under the promise of providing the perfect LED display for every application, lifestyle, and budget with the launch today of 9 new V Series models spanning HD to Full HD, 18.5”W to 24”W, bringing the company’s total LED lineup to 23 models.

Distinguishing BenQ’s new V Series from the competition are class-leading slimness (14mm and 15mm^), extreme energy efficiency, and unbeatable dynamic contrast ratio (10M:1 DCR).  Today’s sophisticated consumer will further be drawn to the V Series’ distinctiveness by exclusive and high-end characteristics, including Senseye® Human Vision Technology, HDMI 1.3^, eco-friendly engineering, headphone jack^, and globally-renowned iF award designation. 

The Best LED Choices All Around
Set to satisfy every consumer, every lifestyle, and every application, BenQ’s comprehensive V Series offers multiple models across four size categories:
• 18.5”W - V920 / V920P
• 21.5”W - V2220 / V2220P / V2220H / V2220HP
• 23.0”W - V2320
• 24.0”W - V2420 / V2420H

Among these size segments, BenQ’s display expertise and progressive design philosophy enable these premium V models to dominate in thinness (14mm on the 18.5”W models; 15mm on all other models), energy efficiency 44%^ (lower power consumption), and DCR (unrivaled at 10M:1)  Likewise, for Internet, work, or TV/video applications, all V displays surpass expectation by compounding the latest in LED backlighting technology with BenQ advancements.  Bold, dynamic images rendered in razor-sharp, blur-free clarity testify to the monitors’ zero light leakage, ultra-extreme DCR, and prowess in displaying super bright whites, ultra-intense blacks, and near-infinite color variations on the 250-nit screens.  Graphs, charts, and fonts are consequently clean and crisp; video is smooth and vivid; and endless hours of Internet surfing are comfortable on the eyes without strain, flicker, or fatigue.

The V Series is further set apart by proprietary Senseye Human Vision Technology, which amplifies image richness, clarity, and depth, even for the darkest scenes.  Senseye 3 six preset modes give users the luxury of one-touch optimization for the most popular applications: Game, Movie, sRGB, Standard, Photo, and Eco (ideal in darker settings, saving up to 65.6%^ energy consumption without compromising visuals).  Additionally, Senseye perfects display by dynamically adjusting contrast, brightness, and backlighting to fit the viewing environment.  Independent color management further adds dimension and realism to images by purifying and enhancing each hue without compromise to others.  Today’s on-demand consumer will likewise appreciate the V Series’ ability to instantly display content when powered up, another benefit of LED over CCFL technology.   DVI and D-Sub equip all models while HDMI 1.3 and headphone jack are available on models designated with an “H”.  Displays having a “P” in the model name are glare panel.

Inside and out, BenQ’s new V Series dazzles.  Recently recognized by international design authorities with the iF 2010 award, the high-gloss svelte form of the V Series looks great for any lifestyle and in décor, while mercury-free engineering and environmental certifications (Energy STAR 5.0, RoHS, EuP, ) keep the Earth lookin’ great, too.

The 18.5”W, 21.5”W, and 24”W models will debut February and March in Taiwan, followed by the 23”W in June.  All models will then be available worldwide.  For more information, please visit
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Hmmm, We are up tp LED in Ben-Q, when are the monitor OEM's gonna go past that though. Come on OLED at least maybe some high refresh rates over 120. I appreciate these units, but when HD TV's are doing straight 3D up at 50-60+ 240 refresh above. Why is where flat screens basically started at still at this for a new model line release. It seems kind of pointless really.

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i've been saying that for a while now Rapid.... TVs have surpassed monitors. And it's like they are barely making an attempt to keep up.

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I know acarzt it does not make much sense to me really. They are the same screen basically, it is just the size and adapter difference. I will say one thing though I was plenty of programs on my computer. So I would definitely like higher refresh ratio and color depth/capabilities in my monitor. So the BenQ units make sense I just don't get why there lower in capabilities than the TV's when in all reality it is just a size change. You would think the companies would be all for it especially on the 3D thing. I would bet people would much more likely upgrade to a 3D monitor than a TV. Then if the reviews for the monitor are solid the TV would follow.

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