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Belkin TuneCast Auto LIVE Makes FM Transmission Easy For iPhone 3G/3GS

Belkin TuneCast Auto LIVE Makes FM Transmission Easy For iPhone 3G/3GS

Belkin has been doing quite well in the iPod and iPhone accessory market, and today's announcement should be music to the ears of those who don't feel like installing any kind of sophisticated iPod adapter into their automobile. Sure, many new vehicles have iPod support from the factory, but older models were never designed to handle Steve's most popular products ever.

The TuneCase Auto LIVE is one of the most elegant FM Transmitter solutions that we've seen to date for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, as it actually uses the phone's GPS module in order to locate where you are and track down the most open radio frequency available to you. Anyone who has used an FM Transmitter will know that finding a good, clean open frequency is difficult, and this device basically takes the hard guesswork out of it.

The integrated ClearScan technology finds the best station to broadcast on, and if you need to manually change it, the app allows you to do so right on the iPhone's screen. It's available now in North America for $79.99. Europe, Asia and Australia will have it by late-Spring.

  • Quickly find the best FM station with the help of your iPhone GPS system and location-based user feedback.
  • ClearScan LIVE iPhone App conveniently recommends the best FM frequencies based on your GPS coordinates.
  • Control your FM transmission easily from your iPhone screen.
  • Now available in North America

    Available March 2010 in Europe

    Available April 2010 in Asia and Australia

    TuneCast Auto Live (F8Z498) - $79.99
  • ClearScan LIVE Application available for free download at the iTunes store
  • ClearScan technology scans for the clearest frequency and best audio quality at the push of a button
  • Control FM transmission and music from your iPhone screen
  • Also compatible with iPod touch, nano, and classic
  • High-contrast LCD display for easy viewing
  • Two programmable preset buttons
  • Charges through car's 12-volt lighter outlet
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

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This is actually a pretty cool feature, perfect for roadtrips and a great way to connect your Ipod to your car if you don't have an audio-in jack on your stereo.

The price is slightly steep, but since it's aimed at iPhone users...

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I agree with it being a cool feature. Why do I need a portable radio I can just use my phone. The one thing I've hated about Apple devices in this category is they have set memory amounts. So you cannot grab a memory card and load up songs from your PC and plug it in from what I understand, now that suck's.

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Yes it is, my GPS has FM broadcast availability and uses it both ways. The GPS can receive traffic (collision traffic blocks etc) on the FM and normal GPS sattellite as well, it also will transmit directly over the cars speakers for announcements or music on a USB stick, and or 1-16 GB memory sticks.

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I think the car GPS companies are going to have some difficulty in several aspects. The first one of the phone GPS's on the phone holding cradle looks just like a GPS. Except of course you don't have to buy the hardware from the GPS company. Also with more and more people starting to use them when the market gets more saturated there transmission in say a big city will be flooded. SO they will have to buy and have commisioned more satellites. SO money incoming goes down, and expenditure goes up.

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