Asus' Tiny New Pocket Router Creates Your Own Personal Hotspot

Kanex's mySpot sure looks a lot like Asus' newest product -- or, should say that the other way around? Whatever the case, it appears that the travel-friendly router is sure getting smaller, with Asus' new WL-330NUL USB pocket router being the latest on the block. It's a tiny, tiny device, with an Ethernet jack on one end and a flip-out USB connector on the other. Essentially, you simply plug a live Ethernet cable in, connect the USB end to either your laptop or a power port, and watch as a Wi-Fi network is created. The dongle supports 802.11b/g/n, and it should ship around a month from now. Unfortunately, there's no word on price, but surely avid travelers will be willing to pay a premium for something so tiny.

If you're wondering what use this would be, picture this: showing up in a hotel room with a hardwire Ethernet connection. Plug this in, add power, and suddenly you've got your own Wi-Fi network that your portable devices, laptop, smartphone, etc. can tap into.
Via:  Expansys
MayhemMatthew one year ago

I think this will go over well with University students.

sevags one year ago

I wish you ONLY had to plug in a USB. This means you have to carry about an ethernet cable everywhere. I would spilce my own cable 3-6 inches long but that is one more then you have to carry, it wouldn't fold up nicely like the usb portion does, and all ethernet cables stop functioning at some point when you are moving it around and wrapping it often.

Other than that sounds great.

HarleyLowSpeed one year ago

It's a router, not a MiFi.

MCaddick one year ago

What a dreadful 'solution'. Having to plug in 2 cables, one that isn't internal, is stupid. You can get plenty of similar devices with batteries already so you don't need the USB cable at all. Fail Asus, fail.

realneil one year ago

This doesn't appeal to me at all. I have no use for it.

As someone said, it may be used on Campuses.

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