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Apple's App Store Goes 100,000 Deep

Apple's App Store Goes 100,000 Deep

Talk about an unstoppable force. Apple's App Store essentially revolutionized the smartphone world, and every phone since has attempted to either match its great functionality or undercut it in price. Regardless of whether you like the phone or not, you can't say the iPhone hasn't turned the mobile world on its head. Granted, most of that "turning" has stemmed from one thing: the App Store. Without loads of apps, the iPhone would be little more than yet another great option in the smartphone realm. With 'em, it has proven to be a nearly untouchable device, with sales soaring across the globe.

Today, Apple has announced that the 100,000th application was let loose. That's a huge, huge number. The Palm application store and Android Market both lag behind in a big way (we're talking tens of thousands less options), and it's clear that the momentum is all in favor of Apple. Of course, many will say that most of those apps go unused and are generally worthless. That's certainly true on some levels, but this 100,000 number is bigger than that. This proves that the best app developers will spend their time generating apps for Apple, and not for others. If a dev has an idea and has time to make an application for one single platform, which platform do you think he or she will pick? Exactly.

Kudos to Apple on the milestone, and good luck on your way to a million. Oh, and yes, we totally believe that'll happen in due time, particularly if the company stops rejecting so many apps on some silly grounds.
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LOL! It's easy to feel rejected with submitting apps to them! It's all I hear about with a few of my friends in Great Briton who like to write them. They tell me that if you get rejected more than a few times, then everything you submit is rejected automatically afterwords.

They both are looking at the Android platform and writing apps for it now.

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Yeah, they've rejected a lot of stuff for stupid reasons, and authors had to bend over backwards to get accepted. Here are some of the stupider ones I can recall off the top of my head:

Commodore 64 emulator: Rejected because it's a VM that can run user-created code.

Trent Reznor's Year Zero: Rejected because it included objectional material... That material being Trent Reznor's music, which was already available on iTunes.

Tweetie 1.3: Rejected because people swear on Twitter.

Eucalyptus: Rejected because it lets you read the 20k+ text only books made freely available by Project Gutenberg, and one of those TEXT ONLY books was the Kama Sutra.

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