Apple Yanks TV Rentals, Suggests People Prefer Outright Buys

If you aren't a heavy Apple TV user, you may not have noticed anything different tonight upon firing up your box. But if you've been on a renting rampage, something may seem... off. And it is. Completely off. Apple has decided to quietly (or as quietly as Apple can do something) pull the plug on TV episode renting from within iTunes. Now, the only option remaining is to purchase them per-episode or a Season Pass (if applicable). According to spokesperson Tom Neumayr, the company has seen that their customers overwhelming prefer buying over renting, but the skeptic in us has to wonder if that's completely true.

Rumors have been flying that Apple is fixing to change up their entire iTunes system, and TV shows could  be a part of that. The good news is that purchases can be streamed to any Apple device via "iTunes in the Cloud." Based on reports, Fox has also been less interested in rentals in recent months, and even they think that long-term ownership is preferred.

Perhaps this is just the first shoe to drop, and Apple will not only be unveiling new iPods in the fall, but entirely reworked content delivery services to spruce 'em up with content. Something tells us Tim Cook has a big fall ahead of him.
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realneil 3 years ago

If I had been one of the ones renting from them and had the service shut down without notice, I would be pissed off about it. Maybe there are folks out there who based an Apple hardware purchase decision on the availability of renting shows. While this doesn't really impact me, I think that pulling the plug on the service without warning is in bad form,....but it's also the way I would expect Apple to roll.

rrplay 3 years ago

yep you got it right-on realneil, I would be P'O d too if they shut it down and I was renting and they shut it down with out notice.Another incident of theft of service well sort of and no recourse for anyone other than you guessed it ..Apple. yep that is just the way they roll.Come to think of may very well be likely that some folks based their purchase decisions with the slick marketing of necessity & convenience of those services.Bummer. Which is why I prefer the freedom of choice to just say no to such Apple products and services in the first place.

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