Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference Sells Out In Less Than Two Minutes

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is slated for June 10th-14th in San Francisco, and according to, tickets for the event sold out in mere minutes. Even compared to last years’ run on tickets, when WWDC sold out in about two hours, that’s blazing fast. It’s perhaps a more notable achievement because this years’ attendees have to already be a part of Apple’s developer program.

Apple is widely expected to unveil details and updates about its next mobile operating system, presumably dubbed “iOS 7”, as well as the latest on Mac OS X. There are no blockbuster announcements scheduled that we’re aware of.

WWDC 2012
WWDC 2012 (Credit: Wired)

A lot of people, this writer included, feel that Apple has at best lost its sizzle and at worst completely lost its way. The company’s current product lineup is overpriced without offering any substantial benefit over the competition, and there doesn’t appear to be anything on the horizon to change that.

Apparently, plenty of developers disagree, or at least disagree to the extent that they believe they can still make good money developing for Apple’s platforms.
MayhemMatthew one year ago

Steve Jobs is out of the way, so hopefully they can come out with a more competitive product.

scolaner one year ago

To be clear on my position, I'm not saying that Apple has always been this way. (I ain't a hater.) In fact, I think (the second) Steve Jobs era at Apple saw the company make some products that were unparalleled in terms of design, quality, and vision. They charged a premium for the stuff, but it was all top-of-the-line, so you *could* argue that the Apple Tax, whether that was a real thing or not, was justified. I'm saying that this is no longer the case. Apple hasn't been innovating or making compelling products, but they've maintained high prices nonetheless.

ajm531 one year ago

well they definitely can. Despite whether they have lost their way or sizzle they still make billions of dollars soooo... But I think the name for the next os for the iphone being ios7 is kinda of a big duh unless they surprise us and drop a 6.5 but that has never been apples pattern. Ive said it before but i hope they come up with something innovative and interesting to continue to spark innovation and competition. Because if apple continues to not try anything different or show off something of note other companies will get stale since they may consider themselves on top.

Joseph Pianta one year ago

OS 8.5 was a big jump I went to a local computer store and demoed it. Along with OS 8. I still have the bumper sticker on my office trash can.

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