Apple Responsible For 99.4% Of All 2009 App Downloads

We knew Apple's App Store was popular, but wow. "Popular" doesn't even begin to accurately describe this news. After announcing over 3 billion choices in the App Store, Apple now has something else they can promote when pumping up the store over other alternatives: market share.

With the amount of webOS, Maemo, S60 and Android devices growing by the day, one would think that the amount of applications downloaded in stores from those platforms would also be rising sharply. Obviously it's not sharply enough to put a dent in Apple's domination, as new research figures from Gartner has found that in 2009, Apple had a 99.4% piece of the overall app store market.

You read that correctly. Nearly 100% of every app downloaded (free or otherwise) was downloaded from the App Store, leaving every other alternative store just 0.6% to split. With these numbers, it's easy to see why webOS and Android are having a tough time ramping up their "amount of available apps" figure. Just think--if you were a software developer, would you rather program for 99.4% of the market, or that lowly 0.6%? The amount of potential cash to be made is far greater when developing for the App Store, though we have heard that apps get lost easily in there since there are just so many options.

The report notes that Apple users downloaded around 2.5 billion apps in 2009 alone, and things don't look to be slowing down. Really, there's hardly anything else to say. It's rare that the numbers actually speak for themselves, but we're pretty sure the numbers speak for themselves. The App Store rules for now, and it'll take a miracle to knock it from its pedestal.
Via:  ArsTechnica
rapid1 4 years ago

It will take more than a miracle as this year other providers are rumored to be getting the i-phone. So all those new subscribers will just add to these numbers. Not t mention anyone wanting a phone with app availability on any provider why would they get anything else really. Until one of these cell phone companies (OEM not provider) males something that dwarf's it hardware and capability wise there's not much reason. This is Windows in the cell phone market the more people that use it the more applications there are for it, the more apps and convenience is afforded it the more people who want it and it goes round and round. Something like that xpphone with even better hardware maybe. The only ones I see doing it are Google or M$ and they would have to have apps available at launch. Of course Apple could stick with At&T who cannot handle the usage very well and loose that way especially with several other providers having 4G sometime this year but they don't.

gibbersome 4 years ago

Really, so Apple will finally opt out of their initial contract with AT&T? That would be very interesting indeed, hopefully it'll force AT&T to lower the ridiculous $30 monthly data charge.

Zune HD, while a very capable media player and a worthy adversary to the Ipod Touch has this exact same problem. While Apple's app store is teaming with programs of every variety, there's has a few basic items like calculator, etc. There's a huge community of programmers out there who have become rich through the App store, but like the article mentioned, 0.6% just isn't worth their trouble.

The only way out for MIcrosoft is if a few very groundbreaking apps for the Zune are released that revolutionize the device for a sector of the population (Pandora, Yelp, Waze, NYTimes, Facebook Epocrates, etc). Then they can hope for the trickle down effect.

rapid1 4 years ago

Hey gibbersome if you get a smart phone on any service provider you have to get a data package to. The only ones I am currently looking at is Verizon (my current carrier), At&t, and Sprint. They are all pretty much the same on the extra 30 -50 depending on your amount of data allowed per month. Although Verizon does offer a 9.99 one for very light usage. Either way for a web capable phone you have to get it from any of them.

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