Apple Planning Comeback with iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

A Chinese mobile phone information website claims it has seen both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 at Apple's suppliers, and that both could be released by the end of the year. Apple has yet to confirm the existence of either device, though this isn't the first we've heard of the rumored models. What would be odd, however, is if Apple were to release both devices during the same calendar year, especially now that we're already mid-way through February.

According to the latest chatter, the iPhone 5S resembles the iPhone 5 while the iPhone 6 is supposedly thinner and lighter. It also has a bigger touchscreen display that measures 5 inches, which would explain why Apple might decide to release both models fairly close to each other. In doing so, iOS fans would have a choice between sticking with a 4-inch display, as found on the iPhone 5 and presumably the 5S, or making the jump to 5 inches, which is in the neighborhood of some high-end Android devices.


In fact, the iPhone 6's display would fall in between Samsung's Galaxy S III, which sports a 4.8-inch display, and the Galaxy Note II with its 5.5-inch panel.

Whether or not Apple decides to release the rumored models remains to be seen, but one thing we know for certain is that Apple has some catching up to do. According to comScore, Google's Android platform is installed on more than 53 percent of all smartphones in the U.S., versus a 35 percent share for the iPhone.
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Sevags one year ago

First off I hate my iphone5 so they definitely need to release new models... However I higher doubt apple will release their new flagship phone with a large 5" screen it just isn't going to happen. Also why would anyone purchase a 5s is the 6 is released at or about the same time? What would the differences between the two be other than possible screen size differences? Other way though it seems like the 5 could very well be the last iPhone I buy for the foreseeable futures if the 6 is anything like the current 5. One of my good friends in my close circle switched to a lumia 920 and it definitely seems to be the better phone with 3 major flaws, shorter batter life, too big of a screen, and losing the grandfathered unlimited plan with AT&T in order to make the switch. At this rate my next upgrade could be the 920's successor.

ricofrost one year ago

Apple lost the edge, people moving to bigger and better things. I think i have meet 1 person with an Iphone 5 and i dont really see them on the streets.

sevags one year ago

RicoFrost, where do you live? I live in the "valley" in Los Angeles and everyone either has a 5 or a 4s because they don't have an upgrade yet. Half the people used to have crackberry's but that isn't the case anymore and some here and there have androids. Almost everyone i know was happ to own the 4/4s though while i know many more who are less than thrilled about their 5.

pandre27 one year ago

The grass is always greener...

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