Apple Mulling AirPlay License Expansion To Include Video

Apple's AirPlay service has really taken of, and it looks like it may continue to do so in a slightly different way. While the service has been mostly used for audio streaming, and exclusively so in partner devices, there are new rumors that Apple may give partner companies the ability to add video streaming. It's reported that Apple's partner companies pay arond $4 per product to have AirPlay compatibility, but these A/V receivers aren't passing along iPad/iPhone video. Yet.

A new Bloomberg report cites two people familiar with the matter while saying that Apple is currently mulling a plan that would expand AirPlay licensing. If this proves true, it could lead to televisions with AirPlay support built right in. If this situation were to play out, you could stream video and audio content from your iPad and iPhone right onto your television screen, which seems it would genuinely give people a good reason to go out and invest in a new set.

Only time will tell if Apple truly is considering this, but it makes sense. Reports say that existing AirPlay modules, even in partner devices, support video streaming, but it's disabled and not covered by the existing license. Apple may say that the Apple TV is just a hobby, but an AirPlay-enabled TV sounds like big business.
Via:  Bloomberg
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rapid1 3 years ago

This would be very smart of Apple as I think there interoperability on many fronts or lack thereof is what can or will hurt them in the future.

OSunday 3 years ago

Apple products have an advantage over other companies in the fact that all their products integrate and work very well with each other, but in retrospect its also a disadvantage to most consumers who don't want to be part of the "Jobsian" cult when it comes to their electronic/technology purchasing choices. The reason being, apple doesn't play well with thing that arent apple... its like "an apple and an orange" (cheesy pun intended)

So by expanding airplay licenses to include video (one of the biggest advantage of Airplay) it allows other non-apple products to work well with apple devices which would most likely result in some hefty profit for Apple since most people don't have houses decked out in all silver aluminum electronic products made by apple

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