Apple Announces Exec Shuffle; Bob Mansfield Staying On To Work With "Future Products"

Sometimes, things are just too good to let go of. A few months ago, Apple's head of Mac Bob Mansfield announced that he'd be retiring. But when you're a senior-level executive at a a company with an all-time high stock price, why leave? In an apparent change of heart, Apple has stated that Bob will now be remaining on to "work on future products," reporting directly to Tim Cook, the CEO. Apple's also making a few other organizational changes. Craig Federighi, Apple's vice president of Mac Software Engineering, and Dan Riccio, Apple's vice president of Hardware Engineering, have been promoted to senior vice presidents. Federighi and Riccio will report to Apple CEO Tim Cook and serve on Apple's executive management team.

Federighi will be responsible for the development of OS X as well as the company's "common operating system engineering teams." As for Riccio, he'll be leading Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod engineering teams, which sounds like a huge amount of work for a single person. That said, Apple has shown an ability to make wise choices over the past decade or so, and for the company to bring a man back from the edge of retirement, those "future products" must be something else...
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nicoletoledo 2 years ago

I think it was a wrong decision for him to come back. If it was me i woukd retire sell my shares and just enjoy maybe become a consultant... lets admit it apple has irs run, but from here on out if iphonny5 has a subtopar specs what do you think will happen. All the hype for nothing ..... only downhill from here apple. Damn crooks

JOMA 2 years ago

I'm sure they offered him a sweet deal to get him to come back. If it were me I would take an early retirement (doubt he needs the money) and enjoy life without work. Guess the people who have those options don't always go that route.

rapid1 2 years ago

Yeah nicole you have it right I am pretty sure. Until now every time I hear the comments or see study results as to where windows phone will be by 2016 I have laughed as windows phone seemingly has a very small market. However; Apple has done them a big favor, which is of course slow down Android, but I am pretty sure they have also hurt themselves in the process.

Much like you said the iPhone 5 while madly hyped among the Apple herd has little to no appeal to a general customer other than the fact it is an iPhone. They have for at least a minute slowed down Android by winning against Samsung the biggest innovator and producer in the space. This will enable more to see it and while I like Android Windows phone is excessively easy to use and performs very, very well compared to either Android or Apple!

So I think in the end much like in the past the first signature on this accident report is Apples if you get my drift!

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