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Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Chassis

Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Chassis

Just in case you're the type of reader who likes to jump right down to the news, we wanted to let you all know that we've just posted a new article in which we evaluate the features, aesthetics, installation, and overall design of Antec's Nine Hundred Gaming Chassis. If you're unfamiliar with the Nine Hundred, it features an innovative open-mesh design, along with numerous speed-controlled fans, and a "Big Boy" 200mm blowhole.  As you'll see, the Antec Nine Hundred is not your typical mid-tower.  Click the link blow to check it out:

Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Chassis

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Installing the hard drives in the removable cages should have been a snap. You just slide the HD all the way in, then use those super long screws (that should have come with the case) in those 4 holes with the plastic sleeves. They should screw right into your HD.

EDIT: Also the rear 120 mm fan on mine came with the blue LED's too, for a total of 3 LED fans.

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