Aluminum Puzzle USB Key: 16GB, Over $10000

It's not often that we cover the remarkably extravagant, but this one was just too absurd to pass up. The MNEMOSYNE USB key, which was crafted by SolidAlliance, holds just 16GB of data and does absolutely nothing that any other USB flash drive does. The difference? Design and price.

You see, this meticulously engineered device is probably the most beautiful, if not outrageous flash drive known to man. It's built in Milan, Italy -- widely known as a design capital of the world -- and is constructed of 100% aluminum. The puzzle cube design makes users work to access their data, but that's the beauty of it. Unfortunately, the beauty comes at a steep price, with the Japanese price tag sitting at one million yen. Which amounts to just over $10000 here in America -- talk about an insane price-per-gigabyte!
realneil 5 years ago

A good way for the very rich to crow about the fact that they're very rich.

"I'm so way cool, I can waste money like nobody else!!"

Otherwise, it's totally worthless to the masses and will be shunned by anyone with a brain.

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