Alpine & Nokia Team Up To Integrate Smartphones Into Cars

Alpine Electronics and Nokia are working together to bring a new technology called Terminal Mode to car infotainment systems. By integrating a smartphone with in-car electronics, the companies will bring services such as navigation, music, weather reports, and application stores to the car. When appropriate safety measures are in place and the phone is connected to the car, users will be able to use these services through high-resolution screens and audio systems that are embedded in the car.

Terminal Mode helps pave the way for a standardized interface between smartphones and automotive infotainment systems. By connecting a smartphone with a car, information such as fuel levels and engine status can be combined with GPS, enabling location-based services such as information regarding the nearest gas station. The smartphone can be connected to the car via Bluetooth or USB cable.

"The infotainment system of a modern car is a natural extension for the capabilities of smartphones. Not only will it simplify the use of turn-by-turn voice guidance from Ovi Maps, but also provide a new and easy way of accessing other content on the smartphone, such as music, and delivering automotive specific widgets from the Ovi Store," said Vishal Chatrath, Head of Product Development for Nokia Automotive.

"This collaboration offers Alpine Electronics the opportunity for further innovation using our Mobile Media Solutions in the automotive industry. We look forward to leveraging our past experience and leadership in bringing smartphone connectivity to the vehicle environment to meet the future needs of our automotive partners," said Toru Usami, Executive Managing Director, Alpine Electronics.

Via:  Alpine
rapid1 4 years ago

Let me know when they get through with the auto car, which I can just call to the door to pick me up from my smartphone, and go to sleep until I arrive at my destination well rested.

3vi1 4 years ago

Due to tethering agreements, the DMCA, and patent lawsuits that prevent compatibility: You'll need to buy a new auto-car each time you change wireless providers.

acarzt 4 years ago

I don't think that I would be comfortable enough to take a nap in an auto car lol

inspector 4 years ago

HA wake up and your at the bottom of the ocean... :D

@3vi1 Ha that would suck... But i guess if u want this your going to have to deal with one provider till your car dies :D

rapid1 4 years ago

Rofl good answer 3vi1.

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