AVADirect Starts Shipping High Octaine i7 SLI Gaming Notebook

Talk about an obscene amount of power. AVADirect has begun selling what it claims is the world's most powerful i7 SLI gaming notebook  -- the Clevo X8100 -- and after taking a peek at the spec sheet, we won't argue. Every bit the desktop replacement, only the chassis qualifies this one as a notebook, even if the hardware under the hood screams otherwise. Here's what you get:

  • Screen: 18.4” Full HD (1920x1080) TFT LED LCD Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 720QM / 820QM / 920XM Socket G1 processors support
  • Video Card: NVIDIA® GTX 285M 1GB single or 2GB Dual VGA / SLI configuration
  • Memory: up to 8 GB 1066/1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM Memory Supported
  • Hard Drive: Support up to 3 Hard Disk Drives with integrated SATA Raid 0,1 Controller
  • Video Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DVI Port, 1x VGA Port for external Monitors
  • Data Ports: 3x USB 2.0 Ports, 1x IEEE 1394a Port, 1x eSATA Port, 1 RJ-45 LAN (Gigabit LAN)
  • Media Ports: 1x Headphone Jack, 1x Microphone Jack, 1x Line-in Jack, 1x S/P DIF output Jack, 1 CIR for TV remote controller, 1x CATV input Jack function for TV Tuner
  • Expansion: 1x Express Card 34/54 Slot, 7-in-1 Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/SD/Mini SD/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo), 2x MiniCard Slots for WLAN Module and TV Tuner
  • Communication: Built-in 10/100/1000MB Base-TX Ethernet LAN, Intel® Wi-Fi Link 5300AGN 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth™ V2.1 module
  • Other Features: Built-in 2.0M Digital Video Camera, Multi color luminous front vent, rear vent, and top cover logo, 5 Built-in Speakers
  • Dimension: 17.25” (w) x 11.75” (d) x 1.7” (h) 12.50 lbs with Battery Pack
  • Starting Price: $2493.85

That's a lot of hardware to be packing into an 18.4-inch frame, not the least of which are the dual-GPUs. AVADirect claims you'll notice up to a 90 percent increase in framerates when compared to those oh-so-modest single-GPU notebooks.
"If you recall, June of 2009 we began to sell the Clevo M980NU. It was a Core 2 Duo based notebook with GTX 280's in SLI. It was a very exciting time for us as a boutique builder, because nobody out there had that type of product on the market. Now, we have the same chassis used by Clevo and a mobile Core i7 processor. Not only will this reduce bottleneck within the notebook, but increase performance up to 50%. Given the nature of it's size and power I can easily suggest the Clevo X8100 notebook for a desktop replacement. There is nothing like raw, mobile gaming power at the tip of your fingers." says Misha Troshin, CMO and co-owner of AVADirect.
Pretty bold claims, and we'll be putting all of them to the test. That's right, keep your eyes peeled for a full-on review right here on HotHardware later this month.
Via:  AVADirect
kasel23 4 years ago

Beast of a laptop without an obscene price.. gonna keep my eye on these.

infinityzen 4 years ago

This is just another Sager NP8120 based laptop. In fact, it only adds a couple of stickers.  I don't think they even crack open the case.

I love this quote "It was a very exciting time for us as a boutique builder, because nobody out there had that type of product on the market" because all they are using is a Sager.  For real?  The number one OEM builder for high end desktop replacements that EVERYONE uses and your the only one with it on the market?  Granted, they were talking about the Core 2 version but they were not the first to market (ignoring Sager who build the damn thing) with that version ether.

rapid1 4 years ago

As far as it goes if you want a custom built laptop AVADirect is the only one I would order from at least in most cases (such as specially priced deals from someone like Alienware which are very rare). This may be a Sager unit, but in general many custom unit laptop distributors use these. However; if you order one from Falcon NW, or Alienware etc you get the same thing (in many cases the exact same thing), and you pay a huge price for the name.

On top of that the customization options at AVA as well as the pricing is very wide scaled. These include things like several cpu's, gpu's, custom paint, internal component options, custom cooling and everything else that makes your whole package.

So as far as it goes getting a full on customized Sager unit is a norm in high end (especially gaming) laptops from almost any distro. From my personal experience AVA's support as well as interaction (which I have experienced on a personal level), is absolutely top notch.

In fact the only reason I have my current laptop instead of a custom package from AVA is I just could not beat the components anywhere for less than 1000 more when I bought it (I have a Gateway P-7811 FX) which was under 1300 with the extra hard drive, and carrying case I bought, and the cooler ( A NZXT tri 120 fan unit).

InfinityzeN 4 years ago

Actually Rapid, Gateway is great for laptops.  I have one as well (NX860XL) that I picked up for about $1800 shipped.  At the time, everyone else wanted around $3000 for a laptop with roughly the same (often slightly worse in one or two areas) components.

Only thing that sucks is I don't think they will do any customization anymore.

*Edit*  I actually looked up their current laptops.  Other than a step or two higher cpu and a larger HDD, the only real change is a cheaper price.

Der Meister 4 years ago

i never under stood the point of high end lappys, its not like you can use them as a lappy since the battery life is non existent...

InfinityzeN 4 years ago

That is because a desktop replacement is not ment to be moved much.  It is designed to sit on your desk 99% of the time, only being moved when your going to a lan-party or such with your friends.  Or away to a school/deployment if your in the military.

Actually, they do have one advantage.  They can be made to take up much less room far easier than a normal computer.  Makes them useful for things like dorm rooms for your computer gamer (there are much better things for non-gamers).  That plus their large display makes them halfway decent for watching movies on.

inspector 4 years ago

i'll pick of a more portable but great in gaming notebook (even if its less specs then this one) instead though infinity, i can move it around more like say for college where you would need a laptop for class, i think i'll just get a portable but great in gaming laptop to spend less money.

InfinityzeN 4 years ago

I'm not saying I would buy one, just giving some other reasons some people might.  Personally my Gateway is the most expensive laptop I have ever bought at $1.8k shipped.  I tend to stick to the smaller and cheaper laptops.

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