AT&T Mobile Share Data Plans Launch August 23rd, But Are They The Best Deal?

AT&T had finally confessed earlier in the year that shared data plans were en route, but now we know exactly when to look for them: August 23rd. Following in the wake of Verizon's own decision to split data across devices for a hefty price, AT&T's Mobile Share plans are going live in just a few weeks. For many families, they may be worth considering, particularly if one or two members need a smartphone with data, but use it so infrequently that they can't justify the monthly rate for solo data.

The plans work across multiple data-driven devices, from phones to tablets to mobile hotspots. But, the devil is in the details. For many, these shared plans are actually a raw deal. AT&T charges quite a lot to add each device, and the data pools are predictably pricey. Granted, data seems to be getting more and more expensive while voice minutes becomes less and less desired, but still -- do the math for your own personal situation before buying in.

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thebeast1616 2 years ago

this new pricing scheme is ridiculously expensive compared to how it used to be. Verizon's shared plan is also crazy expensive too. if only sprint wasn't so behind with their 4g lte...

AKnudson 2 years ago

Does any large mobile service provider supply unlimited data plans anymore?

I know they used to be pretty popular, Did they just become too expensive to remain viable?

I agree with The Beast these prices are almost certainly going to be incredibly large, and personally being an internet junky 6gb is just not enough.

karanm 2 years ago

I'm a little confused with one part of the video, when your in one of the 30,000 wifi hotspots and use data in w/e manner does that count towards your usage or is it just like using wifi at home or anywhere else where its available free??

AKnudson what are you doing on your phone that your using 6 Gb of data? The only person I know who come close to that is an IT buddy of mine who tethers his iphone to his laptop and uses it for work.

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