3DFusion Unveils Glasses Free 3DFMax Display

These days, just about everyone is dipping their toes in 3D. From NVIDIA to Intel to Maingear, 3D is definitely the bandwagon to be on right now. To that end, we've got yet another company trying to make its name in the newly popular arena: 3DFusion. At the Digital Signage Expo in Last Vegas, Nevada, said company has debuted what it's calling the first broadcast ready, glasses free 3D display.

Companies have been working on ways to get the 3D effects without the 3D glasses for years now, but few displays have been announced that can actually do it. Obviously, this is one of them. The 3DFMax is aimed right now at commercial markets looking to wow store patrons and potential buyers, but there's obviously a very real consumer market for this as well. The display is built upon the proven Philips 3D solution, and the 3DF IP enhances and augments the 3D advancements to the point of achieving the "first 3D Broadcast Ready, picture perfect standard for stereoscopic Glasses Free 3D displays."

Steve Blumenthal, President of 3DFusion, even stated: "Philips 3D Solutions deserves all the credit, they baked a great cake, we just added the icing. From my perspective, the new release of the Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx Media Player, makes the Philips ASD package the 'go to' market leader in stereoscopic No Glasses 3D. Philips 3D Solutions stands alone in providing the only complete end to end technology solution capable of finally delivering the Holy Grail of Auto stereoscopic 3D." Unfortunately, he failed to mention any real specifications here, but we get the feeling we consumers will be given more to chew on once this has its turn in the retail world.
Via:  MarketWatch
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peti1212 5 years ago

I want to see this in real life. I just don't see how this would work. I bet it's amazing.

cuddle 5 years ago

When I was young, growing up with a third eye was fodder for some mean spirited teasing from the neighborhood kids. But now I thank God for it cuz everything I see is in 3-D all the time. I guess I was way ahead of my time!

jeremy 5 years ago

Anybody have any info on cost? I'm sure "prohibitively expensive" is about right, but I can't help but be curious. Definitely very cool technology if it works as advertised.

RJones 4 years ago

So far this is VAPOR, not real yet. Lots of hype, looks to me they are fishing.

There are only so many ways this can be done. They are either expensive (holographic)

or using fusion with two different images. You can do 3D without glasses but it requires effort to fuse and this ability varies from person to person. Its not headache free either.

Anytime they hide the specs, don't explain anything other than hype its BS.

If someone has some technical info I'd like to look at it.

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