2009 Netbook and Notebook Buyer's Guide

Let's face it: the mobile arena is more crowded than ever, and with that overpopulation comes confusion. Specifications begin to run together, prices seem to be all over the map, and actual standout features are harder than ever to locate. If you know someone that has grown frustrated by trying to separate the worthwhile from the worthless, trust us, we feel your pain.

So much so, in fact, that we've decided to break it all down in an easy-to-digest mobile computing guide. Within the pages to come, we'll cover the five main categories of notebooks available today: netbooks, thin-and-light notebooks, midrange notebooks, desktop replacements / gaming rigs and then "everything else", which touches on tablet PCs, slate PCs, etc. Click the link below and take a look...

2009 Netbook and Notebook Buyer's Guide

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bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

Good read. The one thing I will disagree with is netbook screen size. I love my tiny 8.9 inch screen because it makes my netbook so small. The 1024x600 res is cramped, so if you can get more pixels its worth it, but if its going to be the same 1024x600 your just getting a bulkier laptop. IDK that's just my opinion. Some may like the larger keyboard and such.

rapid1 5 years ago

     One thing I would say besides the fact that this is a very good as well as educational read, is that I wish more people (especially un-knowledgeable users) knew where to find information to articles such as this. I will also say since I bought my gateway P-7811FX, I know I can get a fully functional machine (with full gaming level) capabilities, and a good price. No it is not a Alienware behemoth, but I have my desktop for that. However; this notebook is exceptionally functional, will play any game currently on the market, and if needed will run for 2 hours Mobile as well. 

     So a do anything machine is possible even at a good price. Do I want easier mobility, yes that would be nice, but the compromise is not much to me really. The weight (of this unit) is actually decent for me (mind you I am a 6'3" tall man) so for me the mobility is fine, and I find it to be OK weight wise, although it could be lighter. The user's just need to weigh all the options and possibilities. I am also quite sure that within the next few years the mobility factor as well as functionality will expand as well as become more of a got to have need, at least in the for the general public view point.

     I as I have expressed earlier on HH am quite sure we will have an all inclusive mobile unit that's also cost effective  as well as functional, for everything and anything, in the very near future.

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