HotHardware and N3V Games Super Spooky NVIDIA SHIELD Giveaway!

Just in time for Halloween, and the team at N3V Games--makers of the very cool Dead on Arrival 2--have teamed up to put together one heck of a spooktacular give-away! This time around we're giving three of you incredibly intelligent, and dare we say, immensely attractive HotHardware fans a chance to win a NVIDIA Tegra 4-powered SHIELD portable gaming device, along with some Google Play gift cards for loading that baby up with games, like Dead on Arrival 2, from the Tegra Zone and Play Store.

The complete breakdown of prizes is as follows:

Grand Prize: NVIDIA SHIELD and $50 Google Play Gift Card
First Runner Up: $25 Google Play Gift Card
Second Runner Up: $25 Google Play Gift Card

To be entered into this sweepstakes, please follow these quick and easy guidelines below. If you're brand new here, there might be a couple of more steps, but otherwise it's really quick and simple!

1) Make sure you're registered at You can also login with your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

2) Be active in the discussions and community here at HotHardware, but don’t spam. Quality comments will count. Spammy commenters won’t be in the running.

3) If you haven’t already done so, become a fan of HotHardware’s official Facebook fan pageAdd us to your G+ circles for little extra credit.

4) Become a fan of N3V Games official Facebook page as well.

The contest will run through October 31, 2013—Halloween—at which point we'll announce the winner. Get in early and post often!

** Please note, this one is for U.S. or Canadian residents only. The winner, if selected and located at a Canadian ship-to address, will assume all duties / taxes associated with delivery. Any/all winners are responsible for any taxes associated with the contest prizes.

This is a great chance for to you to win a slick portable gaming device and some funds to load it up with games! Good Luck!

Sevags one year ago

Yay thank you NV3! I liked your FB page :).

And good luck everyone!!!!

NeilChaudhury one year ago

Dude nvidia shield. Thats hot

truk007 one year ago


realneil one year ago

"incredibly intelligent, and dare we say, immensely attractive"

Be careful you don't slip in all of that butter folks!

Good game is on again at HH folks!

Good luck to all of you who enter.

NMathieson one year ago

It's ON again!

Johnny3D one year ago

Good luck to all! The Shield looks like a very cool device. I would certainly love to have one. :)

ChrisGowe one year ago


RafaelJevonJohari one year ago


PatrickMcNierney one year ago

Good luck everyone!

mrcapncaveman one year ago

I do so dearly want this, odds are slim but I gotta try.

JonathanBaker one year ago

Sweet contest, thanks HotHardware!

thunderdan602 one year ago

Such an awesome giveaway. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

jun one year ago

:-))))))))))) I love anything android and I DO plan on building a $800-1000 PC next year so Ill be streaming all day!

NoahGallant one year ago

This would be great

omegadraco one year ago

Good luck all that Nvidia Shield is Scweeeeet

RobertClarke one year ago

This looks awesome!

jimmyboygr one year ago

gl to all of u guys

DAdamson one year ago

I want it :)

MaryWithrow one year ago

That N3V is pretty awesome looking! Thank you guys for the chance

naruzeko one year ago

Nothing says Halloween like shooting your friends in the face via the shield!

hrsteeley one year ago

My grandson and son would love the N3V. I liked N3V games and have liked hothardware for many moons.

DallasHoward one year ago

do want

TaraPridy one year ago

This would rock!

Danny720 one year ago

Thank you hothardware for doing this giveaway. That Nvidia Shield looks so awesome!

cainschwartz one year ago

Good luck to everyone but I'll take this Smile

ElectricFinga one year ago

/reply cainschwartz

Not on *MY* watch!

*flies in and steals it from your hand*

rrplay one year ago

Woo-Boy ! Hot Hardware has always had the panache to bring out the best from the:

"incredibly intelligent, and dare we say, immensely attractive" folks within the community  Wink

Yep ! NVIDIA SHIELD is totally awesome,  for anyone to get their paws on !

Bestus of luck to everyone & Game On !

JaredLal one year ago

Good luck to you all, but im not winning this. Perhaps if i say i wont win i will in fact win but by saying that perhaps i have already lost....what does it mean to win? what is winning? what is life?

MattieT one year ago

I never knew anything like this even existed!  How cool!   Gotta love sites like this!

JoeGerth one year ago

Good luck to all and thank you!

TrevorDeWall one year ago

Good luck everyone! may the best gamer win the Nvidia Shield. I liked and shared all i could for this contest

RShamik one year ago

Done, done, done, and done.

GordonLowe one year ago

This has been a dream to see one of these coming out. As a portable gamer this is far more than I could have ever imagine and would be a dream to get!

IanMehrtens one year ago

hopefully I can play some saints row IV on this if I win.

MariusBurlibasa one year ago

Some very nice gear you guys got there.I would sure like to have one of those.

grob9642 one year ago

Ok, I am in. I have to admit I still love this stuff even though I am starting to get older than most of the dirt in my yard:)

JeffGreen one year ago

I blame Hardware360 on facebook for bringing me here. I realize now exactly how these giveaways work for immense marketing potential. The best hook to this one was activate participation on the site - which no doubt will have me posting comments on things daily. Good job!

KennethACreaseyJr one year ago

Has anyone tried this at a store yet? it looks interesting!

CyHughes one year ago

this looks awesome. I want one.

KevinLiang one year ago

Good Luck Everyone ! It looks so cool!

starlighter54 one year ago

I'd love to win this, been wanting one for a while!

JeremiahKnutson one year ago

Awesome! I've been on the fence about the Shield but I'd gladly allow it to smack me in the face and knock me off. :]

Ffran one year ago

That thing looks sweet! I'm amazed with the recent technology development. That thing is so small and so powerfull! I pray to god I win it.

bobbylh one year ago

cool item, good luck everybody

BarryFliegelman one year ago


DustinMaxfield one year ago

Sweet.  Good luck all.

Trevan one year ago

really hoping i win this :) handhelds are so much easier to play more often for a student

JoeGerth one year ago

Thank you! Looks awesome!

JohnKennedy one year ago

Very handy...

BarryFliegelman one year ago

i am in it to win

BarryFliegelman one year ago

I would realy like to win this

spongebobabd one year ago

Man, I could soo use this for gaming when my daughter takes my PS3 from me for her gaming ( which seems to be all the time)

nfs3freak one year ago

Oh dang! This is awesome. Good luck guys!

inspector one year ago

Pretty neat as always, good luck to everyone!

HanyangXu one year ago

Good luck everyone, although I hope I get more luck than everyone else :P

deesoon32 one year ago


Good luck to everyone. And to everyone, GOOD LUCK♥♡♥

ajm531 one year ago

Awesome!! I played with the shield at the Big android bbq and they are great devices

dennis l bostic one year ago

I was on the fence about getting the sheild so winning this would be great!

denny1514 one year ago

I was on the fence about getting the sheild so winning this would be great!

Jaybk26 one year ago

I didn't realize they did non-PC giveaways. Just another reason to love HH, I guess.

AdityaNMurthy one year ago

Hope this Halloween turns out good for me... I need more than candy to satisfy my appetite! :D

Kite-G one year ago

I'd buy the Shield myself and let someone else win it here, but i can't really afford it at the moment.

so i'll take it (if i win, that is)

I swear, if i win i'm gonna get a HotHardware and N3V tattoo on my back and show it to the world. ._.

NoahGallant one year ago

This would be great :)

TylerCasiquito one year ago

Oh ya I am. Hope I win!

PhillipChristensen one year ago

I've been eyeing this for a while now...

CoreyNutter one year ago

this is a great prize.

Thank you hothardware for doing this giveaway. That Nvidia Shield looks so awesome!

CoreyNutter one year ago

Thank you hothardware for doing this giveaway. That Nvidia Shield looks so awesome!

Dave_HH one year ago

Boo! We're getting close to game time baby! Who's in it? :-D

changwizzle one year ago

Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Would love to win!

denny1514 one year ago

i've always been a big nvidia fan since the 7900gtx days.

jra716 one year ago

Thanks for the opportunity to win this! Fingers crossed! ;)

KOwen one year ago

If I am not logged in to hothardware via Facebook then how do you know if I liked hothardware or n3v games?

Deadspacer2 one year ago

I want this so bad!!

nativxxz one year ago

i hope i win i realy want this but in my country they dont sell this and i cant afford it from ebey it to enxpansive

Dave_HH one year ago

Last day of the SWEEPS! You IN?!? :-D

TylerCasiquito one year ago

Hell ya I am.

SteveBond one year ago

This would be a very sweet win indeed. Thx HotHardware!!!

rpeters33 one year ago

Looks like a great give away. Thanks for having such a great contest.

Roth one year ago

And a Happy Halloween to all!

findarr one year ago

Here we go!

Okami123 one year ago

I hope I win this....ALOT!

NoahGallant one year ago

Awesome :)

FreeJet one year ago

Y'all posters better not bring them "crickets" back up in here after Halloween. Oh, you know what I'm talking about. They call the end of November, "Thanksgiving" for a reason...(bunch of jive-turkeys).

Dave_HH one year ago

[quote user="FreeJet"]

Y'all posters better not bring them "crickets" back up in here after Halloween. Oh, you know what I'm talking about. They call the end of November, "Thanksgiving" for a reason...(bunch of jive-turkeys).



FJ, you are a breath of fresh air my friend.  A breath I tell you! Big Smile

nativxxz one year ago

i realy hope i win

Dave_HH one year ago

Ladies and Gents,

We have a new contest live and you can win some cool Tegra Tablet goodness here!

realneil one year ago

Cool,......Another contest to win! Whoo-Ya!!

masterarms7 6 months ago

Oh this would be sick to win! I was thinking of building something just like this so winning this would be a dream come true!

Mordymion 6 months ago

Been pining after one of these since they were first released. Getting one for free would be amazing ;)

BelleJulies5 5 months ago

It sounds cool! I feel it!! Wink


housse protection galaxy S5 galaxy S5 coque

nfs3freak 5 months ago

Guys...this contest ran through October 31, 2013.


Although I know many people are trying to post on threads to get their post numbers up so one can win the new rig, at least read the start of the thread to know what it actually says.

StaticFX 5 months ago

...and be sure to follow the "No spamming" rule.. dont just post because. Contribute!

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