California Teen's Supercapacitor Invention Could Charge Cell Phones In 20 Seconds

Batteries--specifically, their lack of longevity and long recharge cycles--have been one of the most annoying bottlenecks to mobile innovation, but a California teenager has developed a technology that could significantly relieve some of that burden. 18-year-old Eesha Kare developed a supercapacitor that could fit inside a battery and charge cell phones in 20 to 30 seconds instead of hours.

Further, it offers 10,000 charge/recharge cycles, which is a far cry from the 1,000 or so cycles that many rechargeable batteries have.

Eesha Kare
Eesha Kare (Image credit:  Intel Corp)

Kare’s supercapacitor won her a cool $50,000 scholarship award from the Intel Foundation Young Scientist contest. So far, she’s demonstrated the technology by powering an LED, but the potential applications are far more interesting. “"It is also flexible, so it can be used in rollup displays and clothing and fabric. It has a lot of different applications and advantages over batteries in that sense," she told NBC News.

Congratulations to Kare and the other award winners. We have a feeling these kids will be on tech companies’ radars for the next several years as they earn their degrees.
Via:  NBC News
realneil one year ago

Awesome! What a girl!

clixxer one year ago

Thats pretty awesome. Other than cell phones just imagine what this could do. Change the intention of cell phones to anything that needs to recharge with li-on batteries such as power tools, laptops, flashlights.

Cell phones would be great but since I just charge mine at night and it last the me the day but my dewalt 18v cordless tools which I have 4 batteries for this would be ideal. Instead of an hour charge to go get a drink of water and its ready to rock and roll.

infinityzen1 one year ago

Actually one of the big uses for this would be military lasers. Fast charge capacitors are very important for making one capble of cycling quickly.

soulsk8er one year ago

Thank you for thinking out side the box/ or batt. You ROCK!!!!:-)

4L1G8R one year ago

Can't wait to see how this transforms the modern tech world.

I've been waiting for a breakthrough like this, as batteries are the boon/bane of all modern portable tech. If this technology is as good as it sounds, it should the electric cars, cell-phone usage, laptop usage, etc., etc.

OskarCastro one year ago

She's actually a couple of months behind the invention. How is that folk are not picking up on that?

AKnudson one year ago

It can charge a battery in under a minute? how expensive are these to produce? i bet elon musk is looking into supercapacitors for his Tesla charging stations.

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