iPhone 5S Users Reporting Blue Screen of Death

It's been a long time since we've seen a dreaded "blue screen of death" (BSoD), but it's back and in the in the unlikeliest of places. Oddly enough, some Apple iPhone 5S owners are reporting BSoD errors, though they're a little different from the ones you may remember seeing on Windows desktops. Rather than spit out an obscure error code with a generic description, some iPhone 5S devices are suddenly turning blue before automatically restarting.

The Numbers app in Apple's iWork suite, a free program with new iPhones, seems to be the primary cause, though BSoD behavior has also been observed in other applications, according to complaints in Apple's support forum. Here's a demonstration of the error posted to YouTube.

Based on when the support threads were first posted, this appears to be a problem that's been going on since the iPhone 5S launched last month, though it's just now gaining attention. Apple hasn't acknowledged the problem, so it's unclear when a fix might be in sight. Some users say that disabling iCloud syncing to the iWork suite seems to work for some, though not every user.

Have you noticed any similar quirks with your new iPhone? What about other Apple devices you might own that have been upgraded to iOS7 recently?  Sound off in the thread below.
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AlexHudock one year ago

Karma's a Bitch, isn't it Apple?

TimmSinnen one year ago

No, no, no. It's not a BSoD. Apple has dumped millions into marketing this as a 'chromatically pleasant battery-saving task killer'.

ShawnHarmon one year ago

Lol, I couldn't be laughing harder.

jeepmanjr one year ago


Dave_HH one year ago

HA!  You guys are hilarious.  Pretty ironic actually to see this day come.

cern741 one year ago

Lets see, I also have a iPhone 5s with iOS 7.02 installed, exchange activesync doesn't want to connect to the corporate server over 3 or 4g data, but connects perfectly over wi-fi. Access to the app center is spotty over mobile data, again works perfectly over wifi. Funnily enough I have a iPhone 4s also running iOS 7.02 which works perfectly in all regards. Seems to be a bug in the phones firmware independent of the OS. Not happy Apple Ick!. Should have got a Samsung Cool

drozart one year ago

It's very likely that cern741 is a Samsung astroturfer, btw:


Dave_HH one year ago

That's a pretty scandalous claim there, dozart. What makes you so sure?

Sevags one year ago

Haven't seen this issue but I just updated 10 of the iPads at my work to ios7 and in doing so somehow killed the ability to use wifi... After the update the toggle button to turn wifi on and off turned a lighter shade of gray. After close all programs, hard rebooting, resetting all network settings, and connecting to a computer and restoring, all apple can tell me is to bring it to a store and they will replace it. Not sure what caused it but searching online it's a known issue. 9/10 ain't bad, right? Scary part is we have 40 more iPads to update on my campus alone, 4 more dead iPads won't cut it.

TrevorBlain1 one year ago

There is nothing wrong with the phone, the users are simply looking at it wrong.

Dave_HH one year ago

It's a feature, Trev, a feature!

thunderdan602 one year ago

Cough cough Android cough cough. Iphone..lol

JonathanBaker one year ago

Oh the irony of an Apple product getting a BSOD.

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