Console Buyers Beware: Teen Gets Suckered Out of $735 on eBay for an Xbox One Picture

We maintain that people are inherently good, but you know what they say about a few bad apples. This being the holiday season, you have to wary of the world's miscreants looking to prey on your goodwill and generosity, such as that guy walking around the parking lot claiming he's out of gas and asking to 'borrow' $20 probably (Psst, he's not really out of gas). This holiday season also happens to coincide with two major console launches -- Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 -- and as is always the case, a shortage of units has gamers shopping on eBay at inflated prices. If you're going to do that, be sure to read the auction carefully.

A 19-year-old gamer in the U.K. is making headlines because he forked over £450 (around $735 in U.S. currency) for what he thought was an Xbox One console, which he had saved up for and intended to give to his 4-year-old son. Instead, he paid a hefty price for a picture of an Xbox One.

Xbox One Photo
A photograph is worth 1,000 words, or in this case, $735 on eBay if you're not paying attention.

How does this happen? It's the usually the result of being over anxious. The seller, who didn't have any negative feedback, stated in his listing that the auction was for a picture of the console and not the console itself. It's a common scam -- the auction itself looks like you're getting one thing, but if you don't read carefully, you could end up with just a box or, in this case, a photograph.

"It said 'photo' and I was in two minds, but I looked at the description and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine," the teen explained to Nottingham Post.

Peter Clatworthy, the teen in question, disputed the auction with eBay, which sided in his favor. That means he should be getting a full refund, so kudos to eBay for doing the right thing here (let's be real, there's no demand for washed out photos of Xbox One consoles, and the seller was hoping for an inattentive buyer like Clatworthy). However, let this be lesson if you plan on shopping on eBay. Even in best case scenarios where eBay rules in your favor, it's still a hassle. Be sure to read the auction carefully, folks.
JamesHartman one year ago


GarrySmith one year ago

Good thing Ebay has buyer protection.

JDeming one year ago

Caveat emptor...

MattAdams one year ago

Why would you bother paying like $300 more? That's like what an extra controller and 4 more games? That's stupidity within itself.

And if the post on Ebay really did say "PHOTO" and not actually the console, well than it's really the buyers fault.. It's really not that hard to read a post and find out what you are buying, just be smart.

GarrySmith one year ago

I got to thinking about this... I feel bad for the guy(absolutely Caveat Emptor. He should pay close attention when buying online.), but I'm curious. What is a four year-old doing with an Xbox One? Shouldn't be playing with Legos and stuffed animals and toys that require him to move about and be active instead? To each his own parenting techniques, I suppose.

Dave_HH one year ago

Couldn't agree more, Garry. Wow, just wow. It's either really a present for Dad or this guy has his parenting priorities way out of sort.

paul_lilly one year ago

Slow the boat, fellas. I think it's way premature to make the jump that this is bad parenting. We have no idea what kinds of games the kid is allowed to play, and how much game time he would be getting, or that it could even come at the expense of other activities (like Legos) versus a replacement for watching TV. Let's also not forget that the Kinect allows for plenty of movement -- my buddy's athletic 11-year-old kid literally works up a heavy sweat whenever he comes over and hops on the Xbox 360 to play soccer in front of the Kinect. When I was a kid playing games, there was no exercise involved in playing Pong or Pac-Man.

To those commenting on why he paid so much, keep in mind he's in the U.K. Looking at Amazon over there, it appears he pretty much paid the going rate -

inspector one year ago

Im not believing his story, bet he just brought it for himself then "O crap, i just got screwed" so he makes up this lie that its for his "4" year old son so he doesn't look as stupid or so people sympathize him.

twistedfate one year ago

I would assume that this was all him being idiotic and using other reasons to make himself look less idiotic

JesseLiss one year ago

Buyer's fault, kind of feel like eBay shouldn't have refunded him the money if it was clearly and accurately described in the description that it was just a photo. Plus he's an idiot for trying to buy a console for 1.5 times the actual worth anyways.

ScottRRedman one year ago

Glad things worked out OK in the end, but honestly, if you a) have a 4-year-old child at age 19, and b) think dropping $735 on an XBox One is an appropriate gift for a kid that young, your decision-making skills are probably a little suspect anyway.

BJew one year ago

lipe123 one year ago

Got a girl pregnant at age 15, no surprise why he has trouble reading.

JohnSmith1 one year ago

There should be no refund, he got what he deserved. Karma always gets you, having a kid at 15, and then "buying" an xbox for a 4-year old. How is that kid going to even navigate the controls at that age or even play the games? Children at that age can just bearly manage simple games on tablets.

CastilloMery one year ago

Who the hell pays $735 for an XBOX.....seriously not even Nintendo cost that much when it came out for the first time

TonyThetiger one year ago

Fucking dumbass deserved it buying an xbone.

sevags one year ago

A 19 year old gamer.... Wanted to give it to his 4 year old son.... Sounds like PR to me! There is no way this expensive adult console was meant for a 4 year old when th dad is only 19!! It was clearly for the dad lol

BryantPortilloSr one year ago

A lesson learn !!

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