Samsung Exec Blames Windows 8 for Lackluster PC Sales

According to the Korea Times, Samsung memory chip division president Jun Dong-soo is none too fond of Windows 8, and he blames the industry’s sagging PC sales in part on Microsoft’s latest operating system and its failure to excite the buying public.

To hammer the point home, Dong-soo went as far as comparing Windows 8 to one of Microsoft’s more infamous failures: “The global PC industry is steadily shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8. I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform.” Ouch. He also took a shot at the Surface tablet, noting the lukewarm demand for the Microsoft-built device. (Samsung has actually cancelled its version of a Windows RT tablet in the U.S. and Germany because of low demand.)

Samsung ATIV RT

He has a point. Windows 8 has had a mixed reception, and although the new OS works well with a touchscreen device, it can be quite maddening to even experienced Windows users on the desktop. However, Dong-soo took his dour assessment a bit too far, telling the Korea Times that he thinks the PC industry will eventually fade away altogether.

Still, with that outlook, it’s no wonder that he and Samsung are looking at putting more resources into mobile chips, where the company’s Galaxy product line is flourishing. Case in point: The release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 next week is generating as much buzz as the iPhone did a few years ago.
Via:  Korea Times
NickModrowski one year ago

Works great for me. What was his excuse before windows 8?

NickModrowski one year ago

I find it hard to take criticism of a market from somebody whose company focus is on an immediately competing market. Of course a Samsung exec is going to beat the drums about the demise of the PC when they are so heavily invested in the mobile market.

BenjaminBroxton one year ago

I agree with the exec due to windows 8 sucking so bad!

WarrenEarls one year ago

Nick you are a idiot.

JAquino one year ago

and i agree with him

AJRichbart one year ago

Works great for me, Everything 7 could do and then some. RT is a bit lackluster IMO but seems way more useful than an iPad for most a they just want to use Office/Web. More-so Id say PC sales are in decline because I can happily run a 4 year old quad-core or dual-core and 2-4GB of RAM with windows 8.. heck I even had the Preview going on a ~10yr old 2Ghz Single core AMD OC'd to 2.4 with 1GB of RAM and it was snappy.

DominicFranchetti one year ago

Windows 8 is crap.

Fierce Guppy one year ago

People don't usually buy a new PC for the OS. They buy a new PC because their hardware has gotten crusty and a new OS is for *some* of those people an opportune time to make the upgrade. The OS is more a secondary consideration. The state of one's PC hardware is much more important.

realneil one year ago

Win-8 sells because it's already on new PCs.

Otherwise it would be a huge failure.

3vi1 one year ago

I couldn't agree more, realneil. Even Vista had sales numbers other OS's envy, but only because you couldn't avoid it.

My daughter's new computer came with Windows 8, and after fighting with it to do simple stuff like add a printer and wifi (both of which 'just worked' when booted from the Linux partition), I have no desire to ever touch it again. Windows 7 is soooo much better from a workflow perspective, in my opinion.  At work, we're skipping Win8 on our 14,000 desktops, because it's a joke from a business perspective.

IvanOliveras one year ago

I've met many people who at first glance didn't understand how to use the GUI for windows 8 for anything at all. even going as far as being confused about metro installed apps vs desktop apps. Don't blame the OS, blame the ignorant user base as far as I can see. I installed windows 8 a few months ago and I haven't had a single issue other than some in the compatibility range with pre-vista software.

ricofrost one year ago

Haters be hating.....

Love windows 8, it runs well, it runs fast I like the way it looks. I am happy with it. Samsung playing the blame game, pfft... hardware has been pretty good the last few years so people keep their pc's for longer. Tablets and Phones are replacements for some people.

"Phones and Tablets are COOL" People can see phones and tablets that's why they are will to play $800-$1000 for an smart phone, and $500-$1000 for a tablet... it is a very image based society now. Not saying that's the only reason but I just found it funny how people are happy to buy a phone for $1000 but are not really willing to play that for a PC anymore.

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