Crysis 3: Amazing Graphics, Boring Execution

Let's get one thing clear up front. Crysis 3's graphics are absolutely stunning. Crytek's latest game doesn't raise the bar -- it annihilates it. At the highest settings, Crysis blows Battlefield 3 out of the water, makes mincemeat of Max Payne, and makes the original Crysis -- itself a graphics powerhouse -- look more like the first Call of Duty. Crysis 3 really is that stunning, provided that you've got the video card to handle it. Like the first game, this title is capable of bringing even a high-end card to its knees. Everyone who worked in the artistic departments, from character animations to texturing, deserves an award. So does the head composer. The people who wrote the game's plot, on the other hand, don't deserve the same accolades...

Crysis 3: Amazing Graphics, Boring Execution

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dorkstar one year ago

Check that post a few days ago where Ubisoft wanted to know what PC gamers wanted to make their games better.

My comment on that post reflects exactly what this article says. They make STUNNING games, they're beautiful, you sometimes are completely in shock by the beauty of what their artist created. However, the game play is almost always lacking. Look at Farcry 2, completely beautiful, repetitive game play. Farcry 3, beautiful, better game play, however it's still lacking in the longtime game play. Crysis 2? I can't really comment, I bought it, played it for 10 minutes, uninstalled it, and never looked back. They just generally suck when it comes to game mechanics, if they could find someone who can create the actual game play as good as they can create a stunning world, then ubisoft would be one of the greatest game developers ever.

I still love Ubisoft, and i'm sure I'll eventually pick up Crysis 3, I just hate that they always let me down when it comes to game mechanics or replayability.

Joel H one year ago

I was disappointed in Crysis 3. Not so much in the vague narrative, but in the sloppy execution. I think it really could've been a great game -- it *tries* to be a great game. I liked it quite a bit more than Far Cry 3, for example.

It could still be a worthy title if Crytek patches some bugs and fine-tunes a few other aspects. But at $60, it leaves me cold.

RWilliams one year ago

Seems like I'm one of the rare ones that -loved- this game. The biggest downsides for me was the sometimes poor AI, the useless map and the mediocre hacking. Aside from that, I loved the story, the action and of course, the graphics. And this is coming from someone who couldn't ever get into the previous Crysis games. This one actually intrigues me enough to go back and give them an honest go, though.

ricofrost one year ago

Wow I loved the game, Graphics are fantastic and I enjoyed the story line. Liked it more then Crysis 1 and 2. I did finish the game and I did like the way it ended. I;ll be playing it again on the next hardest mode.

I give FarCry 3 about 15 minutes before I turned it off, idk something about it i just need really enjoy. Same with Guildwars 2, i think GW2 was the lagish controls. Maxpayne about 2 hours.

BF3 still wins it for online, but it still seems good.

Joel H one year ago

I'm glad other folks have liked it. I just can't claim to be one of them. :) 

fat78 one year ago

They sent me a alpha key a few months back and like all crysis games it looked amazing but the game play still felt like it was lacking. I dont know what it is but i can never get into the multiplayer of crysis like other games such as css, tf2, or bf3. When the price comes down to $20 i will think about buying it.

RRitz one year ago

I just got Crysis 3 and heard that the last patch just about made the MP unplayable?

bramey351 one year ago

I have to agree. I work retail and we sell Crysis 3. Not only did the game not get much attention, it got most people not interested in buying it because of the poor online experience.

And I agree with RiCoFrost, BF3 is still one of the main multiplayer games which dominates over some other Multiplayer games.

rychu79 one year ago

Sounds like todays rap music. Good beats but crap lyrics.

warsoul one year ago

Aouch ! It hurt !

Clixxer one year ago

This pretty much confirms what I have heard is that Crysis 3 looks amazing but is boring. I played the first crysis and played about an hour of the second one and quit. Since they got the looks down maybe the next one they will work on the story and user experience.

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