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T-Mobile Receives $2 Billion Bid for 7,000 Wireless Towers

T-Mobile Receives $2 Billion Bid for 7,000 Wireless Towers

T-Mobile USA is looking to sell around 7,000 of its cell phone towers and has attracted a lead bidder willing to pony up more than $2 billion, according to a news report. That bidder is Crown Castle International Corp., which is going up against American Tower Corp. and Global Tower Partners in bids to acquire T-Mobile's towers.

This isn't a done deal, according to unidentified sources who spoke with The Wall Street Journal, but the price is right in line with what analysts estimated the towers would sell for. Parent company Deutsche Telekom made the decision to sell off the 7,000 U.S.-based towers earlier this year in an attempt to raise cash for T-Mobile's operations after AT&T's proposed $39 billion acquisition fell through.

T-Mobile Motorcycle
T-Mobile's tower sale could be worth more than $2 billion.

Money generated from the sale will go towards upgrading T-Mobile's network to 4G LTE. T-Mobile previously said it plans to spend $4 billion beefing up its mobile broadband infrastructure. In addition to money received for selling the towers, T-Mobile figures to save billions of dollars annually simply by getting rid of them.
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This what I do not get on this a cellular tower can have any kind of cellular antennae on it. So if you sell a large percentage of your towers don't you just have to also build new towers and also still fit them with antennae which would seem twice the cost to me at least. SO in the end it would seem they loose money doing thins in the long run and it takes longer to deploy the 4G signal. By the time the get started to any percentage 5G will be the norm and they'll be bankrupt because no one will want 4G any more either. Heck 6G might be around by then and they won't need towers at all meaning they would have no one to sell there 4G towers too.

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