Sony and Microsoft Talk Blu-Ray For The Xbox 360

According to a report in the Financial Times, Sony is in talks with Microsoft about offering a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360.  As many of you know, until recently Sony has touted Blu-ray as an advantage the PlayStation 3 holds over the Xbox 360.  Microsoft had backed Toshiba’s HD-DVD format and offered an affordable, external HD-DVD drive for the 360, but by now we all know how that worked out...

"A Blu-ray drive in a 360 would make Microsoft more competitive with the PS3, but it would also mean extra revenues for Sony’s electronics division. It would also add further cost to the 360, meaning a premium edition of the console could be necessary.

A Blu-ray drive could be incorporated in its top-of-the-range Elite Xbox, or Microsoft could again offer a drive as a plug-in peripheral."

In the article, Sony Electronics' US president Stan Glasgow also goes on to speculate as to whether or not Blu-ray would be overtaken by downloadable high-definition content at some point in time and he even talks pricing.  The good news; Blu-Ray drives will be getting cheaper.  The bad news; they won't hit the $200 mark for close to two years.

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ice91785 6 years ago
Woo hoo -- this was what I was waiting for! Hopefully if they go the add-on route it will at least have upconvert (unlike its predecessor)
M0R0NI 6 years ago

Yea Blu Ray for my 360!Wink

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

I hope it's true.  And I hope it's cheap.  But knowing Blu-Ray player prices... I don't expect it to be reasonable for a while yet.  I have a 360, and might be interested.  But unless it's especially cheap, I might rather pay a little more and get a full fledged PS3.

AjayD 6 years ago
Now that Blu-Ray has officially become the next gen format, that means the next gaming system Microsoft brings to market is going to utilize Blu-Ray for its media. I bet Sony is beside themselves with this revelation.
frg1 6 years ago

 yeah even if the xbox 360 that has bluray sells more products than the ps3 does sony still would profit now if we could get nintendo onboard

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