ORIGIN Adds Dual GPUs To EON17-SLX Laptop

ORIGIN announced a powerful new EON laptop in the form of the new EON17-SLX. This laptop supports a second discrete GPU to offer double the performance and power compared to single GPU models. The EON17-SLX is available with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M and AMD Radeon HD 7970M graphics cards. Other key features include Intel 3rd generation IvyBridge processors, ORIGIN's CPU and GPU overclocking service, and THX TruStudio Pro audio. The EON17-SLX is available with a traditional style now. In the future, the laptop will be available in matte black, matte red, or with custom paint.

ORIGIN PC Has Unlocked Dual Wielding GPU's for the new EON17-SLX Laptop

Available Now with NVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFireX and Professional ORIGIN PC CPU Overclocking

Miami, FL - August 20th, 2012, ORIGIN PC announced the availability of their most powerful EON laptop today, the new EON17-SLX. The EON17-SLX is the next generation SLI and CrossFireX ready laptop that takes mobile gaming to the next level by doubling the performance and power with the support of a second discrete GPU. With support for the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M and AMD Radeon HD 7970M Graphics cards, the EON17-SLX is a true game changing experience and the perfect choice for gamers, artists, enthusiasts and professionals.

ORIGIN PC's EON17-SLX features

  • Overclocked Intel 3rd Generation Mobile Processors: With Intel's latest IvyBridge mobile processors and ORIGIN PC's Professional Overclocking, the EON17-SLX offers significant power and performance never before seen in a laptop.
  • NVIDIA SLI Support: Combine the power of dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M discrete graphic cards for an unprecedented mobile gaming experience with smooth and stunning detail.
  • AMD CrossFireX Support: Harness the power of dual AMD Radeon HD 7970M discrete graphic cards to dramatically improve gaming performance.
  • ORIGIN PC Professional Overclocking: Get the most out of the EON17-SLX by overclocking the CPU and GPU with our award winning professional overclocking service.
  • THX TruStudio Pro: THX TruStudio Pro gives you the ability to tweak your audio to perfection and enjoy games and movies in crisp, clear quality.
  • Exclusive ORIGIN PC A-Panel Design: Will be available in the future in matte black, matte red, or your choice of custom paint. Traditional style is available now.
  • Free Lifetime 24/7 Support: Every ORIGIN PC comes with industry leading Lifetime 24/7 Support based in the United States.


"Whether you're a hardcore gamer or professional on the go, nothing beats having the power of an EON laptop with dual wielding graphics cards" said Kevin Wasielewski ORIGIN PC CEO and co-founder. "Our new EON17-SLX combines the power of Dual-GPUs and overclocked Intel IvyBridge processors to take laptop performance to a whole new level."

EGuerrero 2 years ago

Excellent laptop, Amazing!

insidesin 2 years ago

This isn't the first laptop to have dual GPU's is it?

AKnudson 2 years ago

This is an incredible laptop that has strong hardware, But who is the designer? maybe i haven't been around the block enough to recognize the works by origin, is it a gaming laptop company? maybe comparable to say aienware?

LKnudson 2 years ago

Looks like an awesome laptop, wish I could afford it D:

nicoletoledo 2 years ago

And a hefty price at that

Erakith 2 years ago

Looks real nice.. Not a buy for me as I like to game on a desktop, but it's definitely a step in the right direction for "portable" gaming..

Might be a bit big. (:

JOMA 2 years ago

That thing is a beast. I'm not sure i'd ever pay that much for a system I couldn't upgrade like I can a desktop but it is pretty amazing to have that much power in a laptop.

KAdair 2 years ago

what's better than a good gpu? 2 OF THEM! Now all I have to do is win the lottery and buy one of these bad boys ;)

JOMA 2 years ago

Maybe not the lottery but a huge bonus at your job would certainly help.  Like to see benchmarks just to see what it can do. Wonder if the battery will last more than 20 mins?

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