Google+ Begins Vanity URL Rollout: Celebs First, Of Course

Good things tend to come to those who are famous. And if you're one of the high and mighty, you now have more more vain reason to turn to Google+. The company has just announced that vanity URLs will be available to "verified accounts," with other profiles to follow suit "over time." Basically, this is following a move by Facebook to allow users to select a URL username to follow the host name and backslash. The custom URLs are being rolled out now to select celebrities and companies, but the simpletons are simply told to "stay tuned."

If you're looking for that level of vanity right now, Facebook will let even the non-celebs grab their own.
Via:  Google+
nicoletoledo 2 years ago

Must be nice to be rich and famous. To each their own.

Jaybk26 2 years ago

How do you think they choose the "select celebrities and companies?"

JOMA 2 years ago

Well good for them. Maybe this will help their self esteem. Big Smile

rapid1 2 years ago

I don't know really; personally I am pretty sure I would most definitely like being followed, I know I know there famous etc., but I just could not deal with that crap at all.

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