Fujitsu Blames Sagging PC Sales on "Weak" Demand for Windows 8

If Microsoft was hoping for a ringing endorsement for Windows 8, it won't find one from Fujitsu, Japan's largest provider of computer services. On the contrary, Fujitsu pointed the finger directly at the touch-friendly operating system, blaming Windows 8 as part of the reason why the PC maker will miss its annual shipment target for computers.

While speaking with reporters in Tokyo, Fujitsu President Masami Yamamoto cited "weak" demand for Windows 8 as one of the reasons why PCs aren't selling the way they should be, Businessweek reports. He also brought up the sovereign-debt crisis in Europe as a contributing factor.

Fujitsu Computer

Fujitsu expects to ship around 6 million computers for the year ending March 31, down from the 7 million units the company estimated back in October.

"PC makers' bet on Windows 8 has failed, as cheaper tablet computers are taking away customers," Yoshihisa Toyosaki, an analyst at Architect Grand Design, told Businessweek.

Despite the slumping sales, Fujitsu isn't planning to "join its competitors" in lowering PC prices. Instead, Fujitsu will focus on strengthening its information technology services in overseas markets to weather the storm.
Via:  Businessweek
realneil one year ago

Look at the fugly PCs in the picture. How do you say "Yuck" in Japanese?

thunderdan602 one year ago

Is Windows 8 that bad? I have heard it actually boots faster then Windows 7. And yeah, those retail PC's tend to be on the fugly side.

realneil one year ago

[quote user="thunderdan602"]Is Windows 8 that bad?[/quote]

I guess it's a matter of who you talk to. I tried it and can't justify spending money to replace Win-7 on the seven PCs we own. It's a PITA with that unnamed interface (formerly known as Metro) But you can install Classic Shell and fix that.

It works fine, but so does the OS I already own.

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