Apple Reportedly Will Provide Subsidies to Foxconn Workers

We'll wait for the dust on this latest report to settle for offering up a virtual high-five to the Apple workers. The subsidies will reportedly amount to 1 percent to 2 percent of the profits from Apple products.

Apple's sudden profit sharing generosity stems from the company's own investigation into the numerous suicides that have taken place among Foxconn employees for the past several months. As the Chinese website tells it, Apple feels that low wages are playing a big role in the suicides, and it's Apple's hope that these subsidies will alleviate some of the financial pressures Foxconn workers are facing.

In case you haven't been following, more than a dozen Foxconn workers have jumped off buildings since the beginning of 2010, almost all of which have proved fatal. Foxconn is one of the largest OEM suppliers of electronics for a variety of companies and products, no one seemed willing to publicly address the rash of suicides. That all changed when Foxconn CEO Gou Tai-Ming issued a public apology last week, followed by several companies issuing statements of their own, the result of widespread media attention.
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rapid1 4 years ago

I hate to say it, but if this is true which it seems to be, Apple really just gained some serious respect from me, at least for there aim here. No I don't like the closed proprietary setups schematic they run, but something like this needed to happen. It is horrible for things like the Chinese employee suicides to happen.

However; for "ONE" of the major players here to actually do something like this is what needed to happen. This equalizes (or can have that affect) on societies world wide. The one really big thing here, and this is if it is true which will be seen, is if that money filters down to the actual employee.

I am not talking about the company skimming "which I am sure to some point will also happen", but also do not forget this location also exists in a communist country. In such a country the Government "makes the decisions as well as the actions, for these employee's and there families better treatment", and therefore mentality as far as general behavior is done by this government. This may, and most likely will in many cases mean absolutely nothing for these employee's.

When you make the workers (lower to lower middle end) too strong, or even give them any added power of any form in a communist country, you also strengthen the people, and therefore weaken the government. So at best these money's will be "moderated", by the Chinese government, for there peoples "Well Being".

While this would be good if the employee's actually saw it to any serious degree it would be a good thing. I also believe that if we as American's believe in a capitalist form of governing we should see this. The problem here is as stated earlier the people/workers will see this only to a very small degree I imagine. If we believe in said capitalist market/society, we should also make sure that the people/workers actually see these money's, and therefore improvements in there life.

If we do not we are in most cases just giving the communist government greater control and monetary power. This is where the whole thing gets screwy especially regarding being American and having said inherent beliefs. The only way to actually do anything of this nature is for the companies to insist on doing business with companies which exist not in such a politically structured country.

This is particularly funny with Apple specifically really. This is because to the greater amount the Illusion is that Apple makes products "especially according to there fan boys" for higher minded more cultured computing, and individuals. The truth is most of there products are made in locations where mindsets and political make ups exist. Therefore everything Apple does to the greater percentage oppresses people in real time, and strengthens those who would do so on a wide scale basis.

So is the fact Apple is seemingly caring about these individuals a good thing? The answer is yes it is. Is Apple actually really doing anything about anything other than there own self serving public image? The true answer here is no it is not, and in all reality it is making systems for shallow unseeing individuals. This in many ways keys in to the Gates foundations of the world just as much. Yes Bill and Belinda gates do great things world wide with there money.

The reality though is that to the largest part the money they do it with is just dirty money. They got it from physically oppressing people, and causing the problems they aim to fight. So just as Apple does this for public perception, so does the gates foundation as well as all the BS that goes on in this world with the same end product.

If these companies and people actually wanted to do anything other than make more money, then they would insist on doing business only in countries which in the general consensus had free markets and free people! Which they do not do. So it is basically all just factitious lies done for a companies face value, and means little to nothing in reality for anyone. If all these companies insisted on doing business of any type in free countries, then these forms of ancient government would end, and the world would be a truly better place.

Until that happens it is all only an illusion. The worst part of all this is that we as a country, and a government who does anything in collusion with such individuals are the one's who strengthen these governments and make them a reality. So in the big picture it is not even the companies fault, it is in reality the US governments for allowing products made by an oppressed people to be sold in our country period. The book of America today is only capitalist on the cover. In reality throughout the core of the writing and contained materials of this book that is America it also is nothing but a factitious lie.

der meister 4 years ago

I was reading it works out to like $.70 per apple product. Big

Joel H 4 years ago

Apple sold two million iPads in two months. I'll happily take 70 cents of two million divided by the total number of Foxconn workers. And in China, the dollar is worth a lot more.

Chainzsaw 4 years ago

Nice read rapid1.

"However; for "ONE" of the major players here to actually do something like this is what needed to happen. This equalizes (or can have that affect) on societies world wide. "

I agree with you totally on this one. In an effect, what Apple is doing is spreading their wealth "communistic style" except in a economic sense which then filters down to the worker's own personal social freedom. The worker's work hard for their money, and because of them being able to make all those gadgets for Apple they are the real reason behind the success of Apple.

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