AMD Radeon R9 290 Review: Hawaii Just Got Cheaper

This has been an exciting few weeks in the GPU space, to say the least. AMD has released a new line-up of cards that cover the entire spectrum, from entry-level, affordable products, to ultra-powerful, high-end solutions, targeted at hardcore gamers. We’ve also seen NVIDIA react to AMD’s recent releases with significant price cuts on the GeForce GTX 770 and GTX 780, new game bundles, and the announcement of the GeForce GTX 780 Ti, which will be available very soon. In less than a month, the entire GPU landscape has changed, and the metamorphosis isn’t quite complete just yet.

Today AMD is officially releasing the Radeon R9 290. This card was originally slated to do battle with the GeForce GTX 770, but due to NVIDIA’s price cuts, AMD decided to move the R9 290 upmarket at the 11th hour. Instead, thanks to a few tweaks that came via a last minute driver drop that improves performance, the Radeon R9 290 is poised to take on the $499 GeForce GTX 780...

AMD Radeon R9 290 Review: Hawaii Just Got Cheaper

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jun one year ago

You didn't list the price. Well I found out its $399. An R9 for that price sounds great but its out of my price range /_\. Still waiting for the Geforce 800 series, or the Radeon equivalent.

Marco c one year ago

Perhaps you missed the part where I say, "AMD is launching the Radeon R9 290 at $399, which is $100 below the GeForce GTX 780’s just-reduced price of $499."

DaveMoritz one year ago

Every time I have tried a radeon card I have been burned!

ChadLute one year ago

I've had the same experience with Nvidia I had 3 Nvidia cards in a row suffer from memory failure within a month or so each... my last AMD worked for over 5 years before it started to fail (and I game allot!)

DaveMoritz one year ago

The last AMD/Radeon card I had would not load all the textures in GTA iv and the game would crash plus some other issues with some other games. As soon as I got a Nvidia EVGA card all issues went away.

marco c one year ago

Update: We have pulled our recommendation of the Radeon R9 290. We have been able to replicate the throttling issues some others have reported with certain workloads and performance of the card dipped by over 15%. We will continue to investigate and revisit the issue when we have more data and AMD has provided some insight into their plans to address the issues.

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