Twitter Goes Toe-To-Toe With Instagram, Adds Photo Filters For Android And iPhone

Ever wanted to add a filter to your photo, but not through Instagram? Perhaps only on Twitter? Now, there's an app for that. As the photo wars heat amongst the big players in social networking, Twitter has updated its iOS and Android applications to feature eight new filters from Aviary. In other words, the new Twitter app will let you add effects right to your photos, without needing to first run it through Instagram or another third-party editing suite like Snapseed. Starting today, you’ll be able to edit and refine your photos, right from Twitter. The latest versions of Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android introduce a few new ways to enhance the images you tweet, but it's far from the kind of stuff that Instagram offers. The filter set here is pretty lousy, to be honest, but it's about on par for a first try. Each of them tends to detract from the actual resolution of the photo, making them look worse in the process.

That said, the new app is free to try, and you can always upload your original photo should you choose to bypass filters altogether.