Intel Edison-Powered Nixie Wearable Drone Camera Flies Off Your Wrist To Capture The Moment

There are very few products that have genuinely made me go "wow", but I can safely add the Nixie drone camera to that modest list. Over the past couple of years, drones have become popular enough to the point where a new release doesn't excite most people. But Nixie is different. It's a drone that you wear, like a bracelet. Whenever you want to let it soar, you give it a command to unwrap, power-up, and let it go...

From the consumer standpoint, the most popular use for drones is to capture some amazing footage. But what if you want to be in that footage? That's where Nixie comes in. After "setting your camera free", the drone soars around you, keeping you in its frame. Unfortunately, my Nixie would capture me most often writing on the computer, but you can probably understand the appeal to those who are doing anything worth capturing on video. Examples given include mountain climbing, hanging out with a friend at the park, biking through a trail, and jumping off of a boat.

This is one of those products that's really hard to do justice through text, so I highly encourage you check out this video:

Nixie is powered by Intel's Edison kit, which is both small enough and affordable enough to fit inside such a small device. Admittedly, Nixie isn't that small, and it'll be very noticeable on your wrist, but with what it can do, I don't think many people would mind.

Here's another video to help whet your appetite.

Absolutely no information about availabilty seems to be listed anywhere, but if you head on over to the official website (linked to below), you can add your email to the company's mailing list to keep up-to-date.