Asus Jumping on the Chromebook Bandwagon, Acer Preps New Models

Surprise, surprise, Google's Chromebook platform is enjoying a bit of popularity of these days. Perhaps it's because of the price drops or maybe the market simply needs a netbook replacement. Whatever the reason, Asus is confident about the long-term outlook and is reportedly planning to launch its first Chromebook model in the second half of 2013.

What's interesting here is that Asus went from having absolutely no interest in Chromebooks and being willing to the concede the space to rivals Acer and Samsung, to wanting to throw its weight around in the category, even as it cashes in on the tablet craze.

Asus Netbook

Speaking of its rivals, Acer is also planning to release a new Chromebook model later this year. Citing sources from the upstream supply chain, Digitimes says Acer will launch another 11.6-inch model in July. Specs are unknown at this time, but the system will target students, the sources say.

If all that weren't enough, Samsung, Lenovo, and HP are all also expected to release new Chromebook models sometime in the near future.