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Dave Altavilla

With 18 years of sales engineering experience in the Semiconductor industry, Dave Altavilla founded HotHardware.com over 15 years ago with perspective as an industry insider and a passion for the wonders of system-level development and performance that culminate into next generation, cutting-edge devices of tomorrow. Cultivated with the sweat-equity of time spent in the engineering backrooms and offices of Chief Architects of Wall Street bellwethers like Motorola, Cisco and EMC, Dave's insight into the design and manufacturing of leading-edge technologies, brings a laser-sharp understanding of what it takes to deliver a best-of-class product to market. Dave handles final editorial responsibilities of HotHardware's content, along with the site's creative vision and business development efforts. In addition to feature product launch articles at HotHardware for major OEM releases, Dave is also a published author in various technology-based print publications and has been a featured guest on various webcasts and Tech radio shows. In his spare time Dave likes to spend time on the ocean and coaching youth Baseball.  - Contact: davea(at)hothardware(dot)com and follow him on Twitter if you like. He also has an About.me page here. 

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Welcome friends :) Things around the lab have quieted down for the evening, and most have gone home. However, before I follow suit, lets see what the Juicy Fairy brought in this afternoon. Here is your PM Nightcap... PimpRig Review: X-Micro Wireless-G Networking "I don't know about anyone else, but I for one haven't heard much about the... Read more...
GeForce FX Go 5200 and 5600 Mobile GPUs NVIDIA's New Mobile FX Offering Unveiled By - Dave Altavilla March 13, 2003 The PC Graphics Industry certainly has been heating up over the past few weeks, to say the least. NVIDIA and ATi alone are making coverage, of their new technologies for the desktop alone, a full time job.  In addition however,... Read more...
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