Valve Turns To 3D Printing For Rapid Prototyping Of Next Gen Steam Controller Designs

Valve is still working on the final edits to its new Steam Controller, and it’s showing off the device at GDC where we got to spend some time snapping pictures of it on the show floor.

We’ve already discussed what the new controller will look like, particularly compared to the original, but what we didn’t know was how Valve was prototyping the thing. As it turns out, the company is using 3D printing. If you look closely, you can even see the 3D printer lines and artifacts.

Valve Steam Controller

Valve Steam Controller

That makes sense, as one of 3D printing’s killer applications is that it’s ideal for that sort of thing, but it’s always interesting to see two disruptive technologies--3D printing and Valve’s Steam gaming and entertainment platform--coming together.

Valve Steam Controller

We’ll also be looking forward to the finalized Steam Controller design; it’s been a long time coming.

Via:  Valve

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