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  • Gamer Question

    I hope I'm not alone on this one and I'm sure I can't be the only one wondering. Why is it every console (Yeah the "C" word) since 1990's TurboGrafx-CD for TurboGrafx-16 can play games from the various disc types over the years, but on our Super Powerful PCs (in comparison)...
    Posted to Gaming by RMD on Mon, Apr 28 2014
  • RE: Yahoo Email Revamp Takes On A Gmail-ish Look But With A Major Bug

    That's quite a bug, but presumably it will soon be fixed. And 1 TB storage is a lot of room - just hope Yahoo's not loaning capacity from the NSA's Camp Williams facility in Utah.... Henri
    Posted to General HotHardware Tech News by mhenriday on Tue, Oct 15 2013
  • RE: IBM Releases "A Boy and His Atom," Guinness World Record World's Smallest Movie

    Loved this ! If one clicks the link Seth so kindly provides, one learns that the structures being manipulated on the screen, rather than single atoms, are carbon monoxide molecules, i e, pairs of atoms tightly bound to each other, on a copper plate background. This doesn't in any way diminish the...
    Posted to General HotHardware Tech News by mhenriday on Thu, May 2 2013
  • Re: Entering contests,.......What it can do for you

    Actually the storage is almost used up so I am moving files to my back up puter. Once I replace all the 2TB drives with 4TB drives I should be ok for a while. No sense in having a full tower if you aren't going to fill it up!!! As for the RAM, more is never enough ;o) Forgot to mention the mobo is...
    Posted to The Lounge - General Discussion - Off Topic by artnude on Fri, Apr 26 2013
  • RE: IBM Says Flash Memory Total Cost Less Than Hard Drives for the Data Center

    Widespread adoption of this technique - and practical demonstrations that it lives up to its hype - would not only drive flash prices lower, even in the general consumer market, but probably also lead to significant improvement as regards reliability and control systems. Bring it on !... Henri
    Posted to The Data Center by mhenriday on Sat, Apr 13 2013
  • Seagate BlackArmor PS110 USB3.0 Performance Kit

    Although USB 3.0 is a relatively new technology that is not yet natively supported by any of the core logic chipsets currently on the market, a number of motherboards from major players like Gigabyte, Asus, and MSI (among others) sport an NEC-built USB 3.0 controller that supports the feature. The main...
    Posted to Marco's RTG by Marco C on Fri, Feb 12 2010
    Filed under: USB 3.0, storage, Seagate
  • Sunday Morning, Beautiful Mess

    After a weekends worth of running around the Baseball Fields and yard work, what do we do around here to unwind? Why of course, you get your geek on and kick back with a few benchmark runs. Behold... A Beautiful Mess... PCIe X4 Slot1 - FusionIO 80GB SSD Card , PCIe X16 Slot2 - Areca 1280ML PCIe SAS RAID...
    Posted to The Diversion by Dave_HH on Sun, Jun 7 2009
    Filed under: SSD, Beautiful, Benchmarks, FusionIO, Storage, Mess
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