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  • PS4 coming next Xmas.

    Or, so I imagine. Not sure if you guys saw my posts in the gaming forum, but the security keys on the PS3 and PSP have been completely pwned over the last few days thanks to fail0verflow's work to get Linux running on the PS3 again. There's literally nothing Sony can do to put this genie back...
    Posted to The Lounge - General Discussion - Off Topic by 3vi1 on Mon, Jan 3 2011
  • PSP completely cracked too!

    As a result of the PS3 crack, it looks like Mathieulh has found the master PSP keys as well . His twitter links to a spreadsheet with all the keys. Sony pissed-off the wrong Linux fanboys.
    Posted to Gaming by 3vi1 on Mon, Jan 3 2011
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