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  • Re: NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTS 450, Affordable DX11 Graphics

    I think Nvidia enjoys the fact that they have a good grasp on the gaming market. Mostly because they listen to their customers! Simple concept really! Kinda like Sye Sperlling.....He's not only the spokesman for hair club for men, He's also a client :P Havent had a chance to try my GTS250 Bcuz...
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video by animatortom on Tue, Sep 14 2010
  • Re: NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Tested, Burned In

    I don't think 3D Vision Surround is ready for primetime, while I do appreciate the surprising performance in certain games, I think as games get physically more demanding with DX11 then 3D Vision Surround can't keep up, this was evident in the DiRT 2 demo where it wasn't even playable under...
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video by AKwyn on Sat, Jul 3 2010
  • Raytracing in GPU Showcases

    After reading the latest news on GF100, and noticing that once again, Raytracing was showcased, I have two things I find interesting. 1) Why is it they're using raytracing? I understand what it is (... Generally, at least, don't ask me for math), and more importantly that it's very intensive...
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video by Anakhoresis on Mon, Jan 18 2010
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