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  • RE: Google Aims To Improve Search Experience For Tablet Users With Changes

    «[M]onopoly service» ? Which service is that - the search engine ? The Search Engline List ( lists a plethora. Android ? Even here I seem to remember that alternatives exist. Am I, like a certain young lady, the more deceived ?... Henri
    Posted to Tablets, Hand-Held Computers, UMPCs, MIDs by mhenriday on Sun, Jul 31 2011
  • RE: The App Store Reaches 250,000 Apps (Unofficially)

    This is the distorted view of the free market. Like the apps store is a viable business, yet the only one it benefits is Jobs so he can say, Hey look at all the people who are using my shiznit:P Feel free to enlarge this for your own dartboard:P Bullseye the turtleneck! Or Turtleneck the Bull$#%&...
    Posted to Apple Software by animatortom on Mon, Aug 30 2010
  • Random Thinking - Will there soon be a 6-Core Mobile Processor?

    With intel's recent release of the i7 Mobile Quad Core Series of processors, Intel is way ahead in the game over AMD. AMD, being stuck on their recent Turion II Ultimate Edition X2 Dual Core processor series; is more than likely trying to find a way to come back at Intel. So far, they've made...
    Posted to Notebooks by wallacemanengine on Sun, May 9 2010
  • OS 4.0?

    Could this be real? is Apple releasing a new os? a numerous websites are reporting this event, the question we should ask ourselves is when? Nothing legit from Apple everyone that are talking are doing it in form of anonymous, I think Apple are a subdivision of the government ? Joke aside this is coming...
    Posted to Apple Software by kid007 on Wed, Feb 3 2010
  • Canon Canobeam

    I found a great website about the Canon Canobeam. It utilizes free space optics and essentially is a wireless fiber optic network. This is an indiviudal website on the Canobeam with product info, videos, etc. Pretty good if your planning on making a decision or are still shopping...
    Posted to Consumer Reviews and Product Feedback by integrator4 on Wed, Dec 10 2008
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