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  • Re: Sorting desktop and server memories

    Have you tried googling the brands and markings on the chips. for example: the chip has Infineon HYB39S256800CT-7.5 on the chips, putting that into google and clicking on some links will tell you that its a PC133 SDRAM chip 256MB CAS latency 3
    Posted to Memory by digitaldd on Fri, Oct 12 2007
  • DDR3 Memory Round-Up

    Hello Everyone, We‘re writing to let you all know that we’ve just posted a new article at HotHardware in which we rounded up a handful of high-speed DDR3 memory kits. We got our hands on five, dual-channel, 2GB kits from Corsair, Kingston (2), OCZ, and Super Talent each with different rated speeds and...
    Posted to Reviews Discussion by Marco C on Fri, Sep 14 2007
  • Re: Enabling PAE in Windows? -- workaround for 32-bit OS's for more RAM support

    Well, the first thing you have to note is that PAE is only optimized for "server-class" versions of Windows. With 32-bit, desktop versions of XP and Vista the limit is still 4GB, so there's very little point in enabling PAE. Is it dangerous to enable PAE? Not realy, because you can disable...
    Posted to The Lounge - General Discussion - Off Topic by Marco C on Fri, Sep 7 2007
  • Creative ZEN - 16 GB flash mp3, AAC and video player

    Found this video on youtube: Apparently this thing can play iTunes files out of the box and it takes SD memory cards too Looks good. Anyone got any news about pricing?
    Posted to Hardware Rumor Mill by ~Max~ on Thu, Aug 30 2007
  • Re: How do I get the right memory for my PC.

    You can get any DDR-400 / PC-3200 RAM you'd like, as long as you don't exceed 4GB... How much memory do you want? If you want to go to 2GB, just at another pair of 512MB sticks. If you want to go to 3GB, you can also add a pair of 1GB sticks. Just...
    Posted to Memory by Marco C on Wed, Aug 1 2007
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