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  • RE: ADATA Introduces 8GB and 16GB XPG DDR3-2133X Dual-Channel Kits

    Thanks, realneil - that's more or less what I presumed would prove the case ! I also agree that the hop from 8 to 16GB is far more significant than that from 16 to 32GB. With 16GB I can indulge in my unfortunate tendency to have 100+ tabs open on FF Nightly, without worrying about the machine slowing...
    Posted to Memory by mhenriday on Fri, May 18 2012
  • RE: ADATA Introduces 8GB and 16GB XPG DDR3-2133X Dual-Channel Kits

    On my AMD Phenom II X4 955 rig, I'm presently running 4 x 4GB Corsair XMS3 Vengeance DDR3 PC12800/1600MHz CL9 RAM. Would there really be an observable advantage to running, say, 2 x 8GB with a faster speed of 2133 MHz ? (I don't think my GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard supports this latter transfer...
    Posted to Memory by mhenriday on Thu, May 17 2012
  • RE: Corsair Dares You To Overclock With Vengeance DDR3 RAM Modules

    [quote user="realneil"] "The initial Corsair Vengeance family will consist of seven memory kits, as shown in the table below." Table provided by old person. [/quote] Those are lackluster timings... At 1600Mhz, they should have no problem Hitting 7-7-7-20 or something close to it....
    Posted to Memory by acarzt on Wed, Dec 1 2010
  • Question on RAM cooler

    I have been searching for articles regarding RAM coolers that would work well (without issues) with the Dorminator series . . . the only water block I can find is the Thermaltake Aqua RX R-1 and the coolance RAM 35 . . . (the coolance RAM will only fit if the heat spreader or heat sink can be removed...
    Posted to Memory by Paul Olivenza Jr on Fri, Oct 24 2008
  • DDR3 Memory Round-Up

    Hello Everyone, We‘re writing to let you all know that we’ve just posted a new article at HotHardware in which we rounded up a handful of high-speed DDR3 memory kits. We got our hands on five, dual-channel, 2GB kits from Corsair, Kingston (2), OCZ, and Super Talent each with different rated speeds and...
    Posted to Reviews Discussion by Marco C on Fri, Sep 14 2007
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