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  • A Free-Will DVD Drive

    My DVD drive on my laptop comes on and goes off when it wants to. Sometimes when I on my PC typing the drive makes a strange noise and tries to read without a disk inside. When I finally put a cd or dvd in it the read light comes on for a second and then cuts off. Here is what I tried so far: I physically...
    Posted to Tech Support by spop on Mon, Dec 8 2008
  • Notebook Screen Resolution

    OK everyone, I have another question from the Toshiba Laptop Experts website that I want your opinion on. Reader Pliq asked, "Which laptop has the best screen resolution?" I answered and said, "This is a harder question to answer than you may think. Typically, high-end desktop replacement...
    Posted to Notebooks by Marco C on Tue, Dec 2 2008
  • RE: MSI Announces Gaming Notebook for Under $800

    The first thing I do when I get a new laptop at work is pull off the stickers and use a little bit of cleaner to get rid of all that sticky residue. Then, I apply a giant thinkGeek "Go away or I will replace you with a tiny shell script" sticker on it. I know - I make no sense. You've actually...
    Posted to Notebooks by 3vi1 on Sun, Nov 16 2008
  • Notebook Power Conservation

    Hi All, I got another interesting question from a reader named Matt on the Laptop Experts website that I wanted to run by all of you and get some opinions. Matt and his wife were debating whether or not unplugging and plugging back in a notebook's charger to let it run on battery power a couple of...
    Posted to Notebooks by Marco C on Wed, Nov 5 2008
  • Ubuntu / Linux WiFi Compatibility

    You guys seems to have some good stories and input related to the questions I have been answering on the Laptop Experts website , so I thought I'd throw another one your way to see what you all thought. A reader named Joe asked the question, "How can I get my Toshiba Satellite P105-S6084 built...
    Posted to Tech Support by Marco C on Tue, Sep 30 2008
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