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  • Re: Intel Developer Forum 2010 Day 1 CEO Keynote Coverage

    For a moment there I thought I was looking at a Logitech Tablet? The ten core processors sure are pretty cool! I would love to see what two of those could do on a single board with about 128GB of ram! It would basically be like having a mini production studio in your home. I am sure it will also cost...
    Posted to Intel Processors by animatortom on Thu, Sep 16 2010
  • RE: Intel's AppUp Store Launches, Along With E600 SoC Family

    Seriously I think Apps are for people who dont know anything better to do with computers! Kinda like all that stuff on my phone, I dont need to spend hours playing minesweeeper...I just need to make a phonecall! Then actually get some work done, play Metro2033 (Hopefully), or spend time with the GF!...
    Posted to Intel Processors by animatortom on Wed, Sep 15 2010
  • What, if any, software utilizes Intel quad cores?

    I am in the process of building a new system and was in a deep discussion about the Intel Q6600 when a techie friend of a friend piped in and said that it is a total waste to go for the Q6600 because there is almost no software that utilizes more than 2 cores. He said that 2 cores will go completely...
    Posted to Intel Processors by ChicagoJack on Tue, Jan 8 2008
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