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  • RE: Lenovo's Ivy Bridge Infused Laptop Goes Up for Preorder on Amazon

    «Newest tech» ? Disappointing that Lenovo decided to release this machine with USB 2.0 rather than, e g, USB 3.0 ports. Ivy-Bridge fans would seem best advised to wait a little longer for a system which offers better integration of the most modern technical advances.... Henri
    Posted to Notebooks by mhenriday on Tue, Mar 13 2012
  • Random Thinking - Will there soon be a 6-Core Mobile Processor?

    With intel's recent release of the i7 Mobile Quad Core Series of processors, Intel is way ahead in the game over AMD. AMD, being stuck on their recent Turion II Ultimate Edition X2 Dual Core processor series; is more than likely trying to find a way to come back at Intel. So far, they've made...
    Posted to Notebooks by wallacemanengine on Sun, May 9 2010
  • It's Not Just A Docking Station Anymore

    The vast majority of notebook docking stations have traditionally been nothing more than port replicators or breakout docks that give users the ability to quickly connect their portable computers to desktop-bound accessories, like keyboards, mice, and monitors. Sure, there have been some hybrid docking...
    Posted to Marco's RTG by Marco C on Mon, Jul 27 2009
    Filed under: Notebook, docking, features, WePC, Intel, mobile, Asus
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