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  • RE: CTL Releases $499 10" 2goPad SL10 Tablet PC With Windows 7

    first off... WHY would you buy a tablet then try to run games designed for the latest gaming hardware? of course it won't run on there. but as for the rest of what you said... I own this tablet and it is indeed slow. the primary cause of this is of course the full win7. I have been looking into running...
    Posted to Tablets, Hand-Held Computers, UMPCs, MIDs by RJones1 on Fri, Dec 17 2010
  • Intel Hopes To Enter Smartphone Chip Market

    Intel already holds a strong position in the personal computer and server market. But, like other companies, Intel wants more. Moving forward, Intel’s executives believe there’s a good potential to increase Atom's traction in adjacent markets by targeting these low-cost, energy-efficient chips at...
    Posted to Cell Phones and Multi-Function Devices by News on Sat, Jun 13 2009
  • Re: RE: NVIDIA Ion Ultra Small Form Factor Reference PC

    [quote user="Jeremy"] I think the HTPC aspirations of this device are entirely unfounded and unrealistic. Hear me out. The only way to output video from this device to a TV/monitor is by playing it off the hard drive. So, you had to take that Dark Knight BD, rip the video file off it somehow...
    Posted to Tablets, Hand-Held Computers, UMPCs, MIDs by Dave_HH on Tue, Feb 3 2009
  • Introducing the VIA Nano Processor

    VIA made quite a splash early this year when they announced the Isaiah CPU architecture, which was developed at their Centaur design center. At the time of the announcement, we spoke with VIA's Centaur design center president, Glenn Henry , to get a deeper insight into what VIA had in store with...
    Posted to VIA Processors by News on Wed, May 28 2008
  • Intel Announces Atom™ - Silverthorne Launched

    Today, Intel has officially announced their Atom line of ultra-mobile processors, previously code named Silverthorne and Diamondville. This new family of chips is based on an entirely new CPU architecture that was designed from the ground up, specifically to address the computing and power consumption...
    Posted to Notebooks by News on Sun, Mar 2 2008
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