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  • GTX 295, overclocking these old fellows

    So the time had come, my two GTX 295 needed their kick of adrenaline so overclocking time :3 Stock: Core: 576 mhz Memory: 1008 mhz So i did my research to see what i could expect from the single PCB or v2 of this card, and it was anywhere from 640 to 700 on the core and 1100 to 1200 on the memory, so...
    Posted to Overclocking General by MagnusSgaardPedersen on Sun, Jul 7 2013
  • Desktop total crash.

    So I've got a desktop that I purchased about 3 and a half years ago. Specs: Motherboard: ASUS P5N-D PSU: AZZA PSAZ-1000 (not the 1000A) DVD: Samsung Super-WriteMaster Dual/Double Layer 22x DVDRW Burner OEM Graphics: 2x GeForce 9400GT Audio: Onboard audio RAM: 2x 2048MB 800MHZ Corsair XMS DDR2 HDD...
    Posted to Tech Support by CharlesJernigan on Fri, Jun 28 2013
  • RE: Can A New GPU Rejuvenate A 5 Year Old Gaming PC?

    Have to agree with Dave , realneil , Paul , et al ; this was indeed a really worthwhile initiative on the part of Joel ! Nice to know that a GPU upgrade does, in practice, make so great a difference even when other components aren't the absolutely latest and greatest. Relevant for me, as a little...
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video by mhenriday on Fri, Jan 25 2013
  • RE: Bug Fixing NVIDIA 304.51 Drivers For Linux Released

    Wow - Linus Torvalds must have one of the most effective middle fingers in history ! Kudos to him and to the developers at Nvidia !... Henri
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video by mhenriday on Thu, Sep 27 2012
  • RE: Epic Demonstration Suggests a Single Kepler GPU is Faster than Three GeForce GTX 580s

    Can't help thinking that it might be wise to wait for a thorough test before jumping on this one. «A powerful as three GeForce GTX 580 videocards» ? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But if, indeed, these claims are proven to be true, that could mean that prices for...
    Posted to 3D Graphics Cards and Video by mhenriday on Sun, Mar 11 2012
  • Cool Gadget: Zotac's Hardware OC Controller

    Due to the fact that the vast majority of NVIDIA’s partners sell graphics cards that are all essentially identical, save for their clock speeds or perhaps a custom decal, they all look for creative ways to differentiate their products from the competition. They usually do it by including a hot...
    Posted to Marco's RTG by Marco C on Wed, Dec 17 2008
    Filed under: gaming, GeForce, Overclocking, Zotac, USB
  • Experimenting With Badaboom

    When we first took at a look at the GeForce GTX 280 upon its initial introduction back in June, we also spent some time with an early beta build of a program called Badaboom , from Elemental Technologies. If you're unfamiliar with Badaboom, it's a user friendly media converter that leverages...
    Posted to Marco's RTG by Marco C on Sun, Oct 26 2008
    Filed under: Video, Badaboom, CUDA, Transcode, GeForce, NVIDIA
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