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  • Re: Next gen consoles....

    I'm just waiting for Steam Big Picture and $$$$ to build a nice gaming rig...throw a HDMI cord to my TV and that will be my next console :)...hell only reason why I own a PS3 right now is Final Fantasy and some other RPG games.
    Posted to The Lounge - General Discussion - Off Topic by webguy55 on Sat, Nov 17 2012
  • RE: Democratic Candidate’s World of Warcraft Hobby Deemed Politically Incorrect

    WoW (pun intended) ! So World of Warcraft has become an issue in the US elections ! Good to see that people there don't let themselves get bogged down with such old-fashioned issues like interminable foreign wars, unemployment, increasing economic inequality, infrastructure and environmental degradation...
    Posted to Gaming by mhenriday on Tue, Oct 9 2012
  • RE: Valve Announces Steam for Linux External Beta

    > Of course, if you’re really lucky, you’re probably gearing up for the private internal beta, which starts next week In that case, you're more than lucky: You work for Valve! I sent them a letter several weeks back expressing my enthusiasm to test, so I have my fingers crossed that...
    Posted to Gaming by 3vi1 on Fri, Sep 28 2012
  • RE: AMD's Next Gen Steamroller CPU Could Deliver Where Bulldozer Fell Short

    I think many (but, it would seem, not all) participants in this discussion share your hope, RMadatyan , that AMD gets back in the game with respect to high-end CPUs - not merely because of the effect that this would exert on prices, but also because it would stimulate innovation. Intel, for example,...
    Posted to AMD Processors by mhenriday on Thu, Sep 27 2012
  • Steam/L4D2 Linux: One more month

    Unless I misread this, it looks like we only have a month to wait. "All of this will also be available not just on the PC and Mac, but also for Linux users as well starting in the middle of next month and rolling out from there. " This fits with my working...
    Posted to Gaming by 3vi1 on Thu, Sep 20 2012
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