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  • Build Guide: $500 & $400 Gaming Rigs

    In this post, I'll show you a few select options for putting together an affordable computer for under $500 that can handle just about every game currently available for PC while maintaining a decent screen resolution and image quality. Here are the goals I wanted to hit with this particular computer...
    Posted to Technically Ambiguous by MikeL_HH on Tue, Dec 30 2008
    Filed under: gaming, hardware, build guide, cheap
  • Casual Gaming Rig

    I want too be able to play the newish games on low-mid settings without spending a lot of money, I came up with this for $660 (I live in Australia that's why its an Australian site) Here is the link: Techbuy AMD Casual Gamer Computer System - *Customisable* (79018 | TBOS79018) | Techbuy Australia...
    Posted to Tech Support by Firehawk on Sun, Aug 17 2008
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