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  • Raid setup

    I plan on having two ssd's for my boot drives in raid 1. I also want two Hdd's for storage drives also in raid 1. Im new to raid setup. Is this possible without having a separate raid controller card or do i need a raid controller card to do two raid setups?
    Posted to Tech Support by Cryosin on Thu, Dec 8 2011
  • CPU/Motherboard Compatibility Issues...

    Board: Intel Corporation D945GCNL AAD97184-103 CPU: e7200 I really want to have this cpu/motherboard combination, is there any way to make them compatible, even though the intel compatibility tool says they're not? There must be something I can do, updating bios or something like that. You don't...
    Posted to Tech Support by johnysums on Wed, Aug 6 2008
  • EXTREMELY Small System

    Greetings, I was looking for a system with an extremely small footprint that can either run windows or linux. It does not have to be a power-house system, just as small as possible. I know I have seen systems like this a while back but do not remember exactly where. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...
    Posted to Tech Support by ProxyCG on Mon, Jun 16 2008
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